To understand the brain and its disorders, we needed to get data.

Now we have data, and we need to analyze it.

INCF Short Course on Neuroinformatics, Neurogenomics and Brain DIsease

14-21 September 2013, Fraueninsel (Bavaria), Germany


A special issue of Frontiers of Neurogenomics on Collaborative mining of public data resources in neuroinformatics will feature a number of contributions for the first Neuroinformatics Jamboree, and is open for contributions.


In this exciting seven-day course at an idyllic European location, we have discussed and demonstrated many neuroinformatics tools and public data resources in the context of neurogenomics and brain diseases. The mornings and evenings were filled with lectures on areas of neuroscience in which large datasets are becoming available, such as the synaptic complex and the proteome, synaptic plasticity, impulsivity, mRNAs, neuro-ontology, neurogenomics, and neurogenesis. In the afternoons, students and lecturers have worked together to apply the new tools and datasets to answer specific research questions. By the end of the course we had six jointly written draft papers for each of the questions. See a photographic impression of the meeting.

Target audience

All neuroscientists with an interest in neuroinformatics, neurogenomics or brain disease. Graduate students and postdocs were welcome, but also more advanced researchers eager to learn how to exploit the potential of neuroinformatics tools and publicly available datasets in answering their research questions. We had about 40 participants.


Lodging, food and coffee were provided. The course fee was 100 euros only, thanks to generous gifts of our sponsors. Travel stipends were available for a selected number of students traveling from further away.


David Feng: Allen Institute tools and data

Alexander Heimel: Genetics of plasticity

Ruth Luthi-Carter: mRNA and miRNA

Louie van de Lagemaat: Synaptic proteome

Richard Nowakowski: Development

Rupert Overall: mRNAs and ontologies

Sabine Spijker: Neurogenetics of impulsivity

Rob Williams: Neuroinformatics resources

Organizers: Alexander Heimel, Rupert Overall and Rob Williams

More info: neuroinformatics.jamboree@gmail.com