Netcafes, Wireless Networks and Other Ways to Access Internet in Finland



About accuracy. It can be very time consuming finding and testing all the netcafes (or cybercafes) and wireless networks in Finland, so I haven't tested all the places mentioned in this document. Instead, I'm giving links to some of the tourist offices or other websites giving more detailed information (some of the websites have outdated or even inaccurate information and this document may become partly outdated as I'm not actively updating it and that's why I haven't usually mentioned any prices).

Netcafes. In Finland there aren't many netcafes in each city (if any). Finnish people who need a connection probably own a connection at home in addition to having access to the Internet from their school, work and/or library. To access the Internet from a Finnish city you are in, for up-to-date information try asking for information for example from a tourist information office, city information office, library, bus station or railway station.

City WLANs. There are wireless city networks in some parts of some of the Finnish cities. But for example in Tampere you need to send a SMS message probably working only with a Finnish mobile phone operator. And for example in Turku, you may need a local library card. Try finding city WLAN hotspots for example in shopping centers, where you may also be able to plug your laptop to a wall socket.

Other places. In addition to netcafes and City WLANs, you might find a net computer or a wireless network in a library, tourist information office, department store, cafeteria, hotel, restaurant, eating place, etc. Well known cafeterias are for example Coffee House, Robert's Coffee, and Wayne's Coffee. Some McDonald's and Hesburger hamburger restaurants have wireless networks in various cities in Finland (April 2011). And you can also visit a gaming cafe (there are approximately three in Finland).



Helsinki city WLAN. Example place: Lasipalatsi (April 2008).

Helsinki Railway Station. Asema-aukio, 00100 HELSINKI. Netcomputers (April 2008).

Level7. Vilhonkatu 5 B, 00100 Helsinki. Gaming cafe. Discontinued 4/2011.

Information sources: Helsinki city, Wikitravel, World 66.




Avatar, Puistokatu 1 A, 40100 Jyväskylä. Gaming cafe (April 2008).

Hesburger Jyväskylä Matkakeskus, Hannikaisenkatu 20, 40100 Jyväskylä. Hamburger restaurant (April 2008).




Nook, Rautatienkatu 16, 90100 Oulu. Gaming cafe (April 2008).

Oulu Tourist Information Office, Uusikatu 26, 90100 Oulu (April 2008).




Internet-Madi. Tuomiokirkonkatu 36, 33100 Tampere. Netcafe (April 2008).

Log In. Hämeenkatu 30, 33200 Tampere. Netcafe. Discontinued 12/2010.

Nettikahvila Vuoltsu. Vuolteenkatu 13, 33100 Tampere. Netcafe (April 2008).

Tampere city WLAN. Worked for me in Tampere railway station and outside Koskikeskus. Probably works only if you send a SMS message from a Finnish mobile operator. First, find a place where the network is available. Second, send a SMS message LT1, LT4 or LT24 to phone number 16130 for 1 hour, 4 hour or 24 hour connection, and you should receive a username and a password to use the network (April 2008).

Information sources: Huviopas.netInternet Cafe Guide, Tampere city, World 66. 


Turku Examples: Hansakortteli, Eerikinkatu 15, 20100 Turku. Maariankatu 2, 20100 Turku. Hämeenkatu 12, 20500 Turku. Netcafe (April 2008).
Libraries. Example: Linnankatu 2, 20100 Turku (April 2008).

Information sources: Internet Cafe Guide, Turku city, World 66.