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Languages and Literature Resource Center: education, art, literature, media, poetry, children's books, dictionaries, textreader, translation, writers, illustrators, magazines, stories, writing, TEFL, Language Learning.
Farsi language and literature links: calligraphy, greetings cards, chat, forums, organizations, translation, fonts,
dictionary, grammar, Shahnameh, magazines, media, Afghan, Turkish, Armenian children's literature. 
Lebanese Arabic-French conversation course, online resources: poetry, letter-writing, exhibitions, media, cartoons, songs, 1001 Nights
Children's literature research: stories & organizations, education, art, children's books,  children's literature in many languages, Iranian writers, academic research resources. 
Iranian and Middle Eastern children's literature and links to Iranian writers, stories & organizations, Shahnameh, Kalilah wa Dimnah, Mulla Nasruddin
Tajiki children's literature, book illustration, Cyrillic children's books, organizations, writers, articles, research, culture, poetry. 
Links to children's illustration, cartoon, animation exhibitions & biennials: Tehran, Iran, Japan, NOMA, Bologna, BIB, Bratislava
Arabic language forums, poetry, Oman, English literature blog, children's literature, photos, Rustaq, Sohar, Muscat, English & Arabic language blogs, research projects.
 Online Classes: General & Business English, IELTS, ICT, Teacher Training, Literary Analysis.
Webquests, Art Collections, Literature
Geocities Nostalgia! netlangs geocities pages and other geocities sites archives. Find your old Geocities site! 
Unique handmade cotton clothes: tie-dye designs from Zimbabwe for men and women. 
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