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2.160 5 July 2016 Changed the way the Width checkbox on the Rels tab works. Before, the width of the line between two nodes was determined by the average tie strength of all tie types currently active. Now, the width is determined by the largest tie strength of any currently active types of tie between that pair of nodes.  
2.159 7 May 2016 Fixed bug in the reading of 2-mode networks which was causing too much memory to be allocated. As a result, large files were taking a long time to load.  
2.158 23 March 2016 Added the ability to run batch commands (from the File menu) with a parameter. For example, you can create a batch file with these commands: loaduci $$ loadcoord $$-loadings labelsize 18 selectties $$ lt 0 sizelinesby $$ 2 1 linecolor red linestyle dash selectties $$ gt 0 sizelinesby $$ 1 5 selectties $$ gt -100 arrows off draw savevna $$.vna and have a filename be substituted for $$. 
2.157 30 January 2016 Fixed bug in Properties|Lines|Styles|By Relation that was causing crashes. 
2.155 24 August 2015 Changed way NetDraw decides whether a dataset represents a 2-mode matrix or not. In the past, if the row and column labels were the basically the same but differed by having, say, extra spaces added to one or the other, the program decided the data was 2-mode, resulting in pictures that doubled the number of nodes. Now, it deletes leading and trailing spaces, and also asks the user about the data if the row and column labels are similar but not identical. 
2.154 20 July 2015 Made change in how NetDraw handles the AND option in node selection. In the past, if you put AND on, then unchecked and rechecked a group of nodes, they would not re-appear. Now they do. It is still the case that if AND is on, unchecking all women and then moving to a different attribute will allow you to further filter out, say, one department, without reinstating the women. 
2.153 17 June 2015 Made small fix in Properties|Lines|Color|By Relation. In the past, it was sometimes ignoring the color that the user chose. 
2.152 23 May 2015 Added an extremely primitive undo function. The main catch is that you have to know ahead of time that you are going to make a mistake. So what you do is press Ctrl-S at any time, then do something stupid, then you can press Ctrl-Z to put it back the way it was. The other catch is that it uses memory. If you have thousands of ties, you could run out of memory. 
2.151 22 May 2015 Fixed bug in command line processing. Previously, you could note invoke netdraw with a 2-mode file as a command line parameter. For example, it is now possible in UCINET's CLI to type ->draw davis and have netdraw start up and show the Davis dataset. 
2.150 1 May 2015 1. Reorganized Layout menu. 2.Fixed operation of command line so that now, when netdraw is invoked with a filename as a parameter, the layout used is the same as if the program were started normally and then a datafile read in. 
2.148 26 January 2015 Fixed bug in OpenFile, which was causing program to claim the file didn't exist when in fact it did. 
2.147 10 January 2015 1. Fixed bug in analysis/reciprocal ties that was not changing the color of the tile representing the color of lines. 2. Fixed similar bug in Properties|Lines|Color|by node attribute 
2.146 3 January 2015 Fixed bug in Analysis|Components -- component sizes were not being calculated. Also changed default in saving VNA files to using spaces as delimiters, which allows keyplayer.exe to read the files. 
2.145 16 December 2014 This version fixes bugs introduced in 2.141 that made it difficult to load 1-mode UCINET system files.  
2.141-2.144 9 December 2014 Versions 2.141 through 2.144 had problems reading UCINET files. 
2.140 15 August 2014 Fixed problem with Node Attribute Editor which was converting all string values to 9.999E37 
2.139 15 April 2014 Added ego betweenness measure to the set of measures computed when running structural holes 
2.138 4 February 2014 Fixed bug in Transform|Symmetrizing function, which was simply not symmetrizing when using the maximum method. 
2.137 16 January 2014 Fixed problems with saving attribute data in batch procedure, including allowing filenames containing spaces. 
2.136 19 October 2013 Fixed bug in Properties|Lines|Color|Relation. So now it is again possible to color ties by type of relation 
2.134 1 July 2013 Fixed bug in Rels tab, where the default cutoff for showing a tie was being set to -99 instead of 0 
2.133 24 June 2013 Fixed component distance up/down control on the main menu. It had been doing crazy things 
2.132 17 June 2013 Changed Openfile buttons so that it was easier to input signed graphs with positive and negative ties 
2.131 2 June 2013 Fixed bug in Properties|Lines|Color|by Relation 
2.126 6 April 2013 Fixed bug in printing diagrams which was causing rightmost node label to be cutoff. Also fixed bug in printing to pdf file which was causing blank output.  
2.125 4 March 2013 Fixed bug in calculating in-closeness for disconnected graphs 
2.124 3 March 2013 Fixed bug in creating random graphs. Also replaced many of the forms used for setting setting node and line properties according to attribute values. 
2.123 15 July 2012 1. Fixed EgoNet function in right-click popup menu which was giving weird answers in the presence of multiple relations. 2. Added ctrl-z function that restores last set of visible nodes after using the egonet function OR after pressing the new "push" button on the toolbar. 
2.122 11 July 2012 Fixed bug in opening 2-mode files with missing values: was reading the missing value as a tie 
2.120 3 June 2012 Fixed bug in Layout|Group Nodes by Attribute which was causing crashes when a subset of nodes was being analyzed 
2.119 14 January 2012 Fixed bug in saving VNA files. It was not using quotes around text values in the *node properties section, which made it difficult to read the resulting vna file back in.  
Showing 31 items
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