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I only suggest things I know can be done, and things I would or could do myself.
(Obviously I couldn't make a PS2 emulator, but since the PCSX2 guys can, Sony should be able to)
Unless otherwise stated, suggestions were made in 2010

Sony has made a website for me to submit ideas, but only 1 per day!
I am now including links to the suggestions so you can vote for them
It'd be nice if Sony would show us the status of our submissions so we can see if they've been rejected and why. I've suggested this, multiple times, and it has FINALLY BEEN POSTED!
The hub page of the suggestions I have submitted


        Dec 16 - Unify the store, so there is only 1 region. And everyone has access to all content
        Dec 16 - Add PayPal support
        Dec 16 - When we click a game/content we purchased, replace the buy button with a download button
        Dec 16 - Add a Google Search button for content, since you're too lazy to add videos/screenshots
        Dec 18 - A universal demo mode for all PSN games (minis in particular), where it just boots us back to the XMB after 10 minutes, disallows trophies/saving/loading.
        Dec 19 - Ban Naquiel for stalking/harassing/trolling other users and overall, being a huge asshole


XMB/User Interface

-Let us sort games into sub-folders*
-Let us edit metadata, Sorting/grouping options by metadata, Copy/Delete/Move multiple options, Image thumbnail caching, Background brightness setting like PS3, Allow us to copy games from multiple PS3 profiles (As long as they are all on our primary PS3) onto our PSPs
-A way to update all owned games (or let us check them off like the copy/delete/multiple feature) like the iphone/ipod touch does
-Background downloading, at least while in the XMB
-Anytime you delete a saved PSN profile or restore settings to default it should ask if you want to connect to PSN to de-authorize the PSP
Feb 07 - Allow the viewing of game's software manuals in-game
Jun 04 - Let us turn PSP off or go into standby mode from the Home-button menu, both in-game and in-XMB
Jul 06 - You added partial/poor sub folder support to the game folder, but you don't save the setting. Fix this
Jul 18 - Add a way to open saved web pages via either a folder in the XMB, or an option in the browser
Aug 14 - Let us bring up the PSP Go clock while listening to music
Dec 21 - Dont ask us if it's ok to disable bluetooth (to use USB) when the wireless switch is off anyway
Jan 25'11 - The web browser lets us scroll by whole pages if we hold the Square button, add this to the XMB


-Universal Screenshot support*
-Let us change the CPU speed for older games*
-Let us rip PS1/PSP game discs we own to PSP* (PSP games would require the disc be inserted like 360)
-Add Resistance's PSP+ to the firmwares of both PSP and PS3 so you can use a PS3 controller to control every PSP game on any PSP*
-Add adhoc tunneling over infrastructure (like adhocParty does on PS3)
-PSN text/video/audio/photo messaging
-Trophy support
-Update the bluetooth tethering profile support with the Personal Area Networking profile
-Add support for PS3's bluray remote, wireless keyboard and the PS3 headset high-quality mode
-That game pause feature from the Go, add it to all PSPs*
-When using a PS3 controller in PSP games, let us map the four directions of the right analog stick and L2/L3/R2/R3 as any other button/dpad/analog direction
Jan 29 - Give PSP games access to the additional inputs while using a PS3 controller like how Resistance used it (use the same API and everything so even Resistance would use it). Games would still be required to be fully playable with normal PSP controls, but this would allow them to be like how PSone titles could use dual shock controls. And this would allow newer titles to have expanded controls ready for the next generation of PSP which will surely have more inputs, When using a PS3 controller in PS1 games and RemotePlay, use L2/L3/R2/R3 and the right analog stick, Make internal apps (web browser, media player, etc) aware of the extra inputs while using a PS3 controller and assign them shortcuts. ie: make L2/R2 act as Square+L/R in the web browser, the right analog as square+left analog
Feb 01 - Allow multiple controllers to sync to PSP, to allow for single-screen multiplayer games (especially when playing PS1 games)
Feb 15 - Give PSP games/PS1 games/RemotePlay access to rumble when using a PS3 controller (apparently PS1 games already do)
May 31 - If USB autoconnect is enabled, and you plug a USB cable in while downloading from the PSN store, it will disconnect and switch to USB mode. Stop that
Jun 04 - Let us connect bluetooth headsets without using it for game audio
Jun 20 - Give us the option to turn off any connected Bluetooth devices when the screensaver comes on
Jun 21 - Auto detect which stored WiFi router profile to connect to based on signal strength (Like DS does)
Jul 05 - Allow Infrastructure and Adhoc connections over USB*


-Universal Custom soundtracks* (Currently playing track info shows up in the Home-button menu) (even in the XMB, stop stopping the music!)
-Track change notifications*
-Audio recording* (DSi does it!)
-Let PSP control PS3's XMB (via RemotePlay or some new interface), while still having the video output to the TV
-Update to Flash 10
-Add a Java Virtual machine*
-More codec support. Homebrew programs can run AVIs, MKVs, and OGMs!*
-Increase the RAM allocated by the web browser when not in-game*
Jan 29 - Make the web browser control more like PS3s (ie: Circle closes the tab not the browser, holding circle exits the browser)
May 31 - Dont ask where to save things on PSP Go if there isnt a memory stick inserted. Just default to System Storage
Jun 28 - Allow us to create playlists on the fly
Jun 28 - Allow playlists to use any file on the device not just ones in the same folder as the playlist

Jan 24'11 - Add support for the PSN store to view preview movies (Flash 10 would do this)



-PocketStation emulator*
-A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
Jul 06 - Allow Ryori no Ori to be copied to PSP Go since you can use dual analog via a PS3 controller (The game cant be copied cause it requires dual analog)
Dec 6 - Sell Invizimals and Eyepet without the camera
Dec 7 - Option to rotate the screen 90° for PS1 games

*Doable/already done via custom firmware, so we know Sony can do it, and should so they can compete with it to give us less of a reason to use CFW




-Built in multi-megapixel camera (chotto cam compatible) (forward and back facing, so it can be used for eye-tracking)
-4 to 8 times the processing speed, RAM, VRAM, UMD read speed, UMD capacity (either more layers or bluray based), built in flash
-a minimum of fullscreen 720p output with native up-resing for PSP1 games
-use PSP slim's video cables/USB port/AC adapter, not PSP Go's
-SIXAXIS, dual analog, analog buttons, L2 and R2 (have them laid out horizontally like the Retrocon/Dragonplus one/Wii classic, not vertically)
-Multiformat flash card slot (Memory Stick Pro Duo and SD minimum, not M2 or SD micro)
-Faster wifi and bluetooth
-Higher res LCD (minimum of 720*480)
-Anti-aliasing hardware
-USB 3 (standard mini port. No dock crap)
Feb 09 - Ability to act as a USB Host device
Mar 07 - 3D support for every game (using a 3D LCD that doesnt need glasses, and eye-tracking for camera perspective control)
Jun 18 - Support simultaneous TV out and internal LCD, displaying different images on them (dual view)
Jan 28'11 - Ditch that horrible new UI and go back to the XMB


  • Feb 13 - Play PSP minis
  • Feb 13 - Sync to PS3 controllers (like PSP Go)
  • Feb 13 - Use RemotePlay
  • Feb 13 - Use Sony LiveView
  • Feb 13 - Play videos from the PSN store
  • Feb 13 - PSN Trophies+Buddy list messaging


  • Add upgradable firmware to newer PS2s, and release a large memory card (32-64 MB) to add the functionality to older PS2s
  • Add music/photo/video playback functionality to this firmware along with the XMB
  • Add RemotePlay
  • Add a web browser
  • Allow the downloading of either PSN or PlayStation Suite PS1 classics


XMB/User Interface

-Store multiple Wifi setups like PSP does (even the Wii does this!)
-RSS feeds in the news ticker
-Some games have a menu to let you choose your display's size, to minimize overscan. This should be built into the XMB, since it overscans on my display!
-Let PS3 act as a wifi hotspot while in the XMB
-enable copy/delete multiple in every location of the XMB that lets you copy/delete a file (ie: PS1/PS2/PS3 memory card saves)
-edit metadata on multiple files at a time, using the copy/delete multiple checkbox list to select the files
-remove case sensitivity/add auto capitalization and remove trailing spaces on metadata. ("Aqua" and "aqua " should be listed as the same band)
-when editing metadata, auto-populate the text-prediction list on the right with all the currently existing items in that metacategory for easy selection
-let us search or categorize our downloaded item list, as some of us who have had PS3 for multiple years have a huge list
-in PS1 game/PS2 game/DVD/Bluray/store XMB.
-have file copy/delete/update/theme/etc operations be performed in the background with a progress indicator. Cell is supposed to be a multitasking monster, use it as one!
-let us store games on external harddrives
-Your VAIOs, TVs and Bluray players have tons of features PS3 doesn't have, like the Pigeon instant messenger client, and multiple streaming video sources. Add them all to PS3!
-A way to update all owned games (or let us check them off like the copy/delete/multiple feature) like the iphone/ipod touch does
Jan 28 - Add the ability to backup/restore PSPs, Bring PSP's comic application and store to PS3
Jan 28 - When you tell the PS3 to shutdown after the download/install operations are complete, it should shut all controllers off at this point
Mar 01 - When you click PSN store while it's still signing in, a message box pops up saying "Signing In", instead of exiting back to the XMB, it should open the store
Mar 26 - Let us install any disc-based game to the harddrive
Apr 03 - Store control settings (Invert Y, rumble, etc) in your profile
Jul 18 - Let us print software game manuals
Jul 26 - Let us use Move in the web browser and in PS1/PS2 games as a guncon
Aug 30 - Let us sort games alphabetically    
Sep 10 - Enable RemotePlay in all games like this proves it can be done
Oct 01 - Add a Download/Queue All option to multi-file downloads PS3 already has this
Oct 04 - Let us hide apps (ie: Photo Gallery, Life with Playstation, Home, Netflix) that aren't installed 2
Nov 08 - Stop disabling input from other controllers when in RemotePlay
Dec 09 - Add an Install Multiple option (from: Ed)
Jan 25'11 - The web browser lets us scroll by whole pages if we hold the Square button, add this to the XMB
Feb 06'11 - Let us save our A/V and Network settings to a profile so we dont have to change everything from scratch when we go to a friend's place with our system
Apr 23'11 - When we open the trophy page, have the game we're currently playing selected as default



-An option to convert PS3's themes for use on PSP
-stream DVD/Bluray movies over remote play (why not? it's not like we can use it to rip low quality versions, we own the discs anyway, plus we could rip them in Ps3 linux a lot easier if we wanted to)
-convert movie files to PSP like PSX could
-Stop the store from stopping music playback (and everything that does this in RemotePlay too)
-Universal custom soundtracks, and keep playing the music when you enter/exit a game (Currently playing track info shows up in the Home-button menu) 2
-let the bluray remote control the currently playing music even when not in the music player. This includes in-game.
-Track change notifications
-soft sub support
-Automatically generate video thumbnails on downloaded files 2
-Location free client
-Update to Flash 10
Jan 22 - Add support for the Motion Controller to the web browser as a mouse
Feb 09 - Add MTP support (for cameras that dont act as a USB hard drive)
Mar 26 - If no files are found on a device in folders like Video or DCIM, automatically try the View All option instead of saying No files found
Jun 06 - When you quit RemotePlay by selecting the option to turn the system off, it shouldn't ask you 2 more times if you're sure
Jul 01 - Add support for ImageShack and PhotoBucket
Aug 18 - Update EyeCreate to work with the video updater
Oct 04 - Combine the Photo Gallery and Photo Memory apps, we don't need 3 picture programs (XMB too)
Oct 17 - Allow Netflix to work via RemotePlay
Jan 25'11 - Improve support for the PS3 wireless keypad in Mouse mode (Scrolling to the edge of a webpage actually scrolls the page, tap to click like a laptop touchpad)
Feb 28'11 - Show what's being sent to the PSP while in RemotePlay instead of that text screen


-Put the USB ports and flash card slots back in the slims
-You promised a WiFi adapter for the 20GB PS3s.
-Why didn't you use the PS2 hardware as a universal upscaler? We know the Graphics Synthesizer can do that
Mar 06 - Expose a USB port on PS3 retailer kiosks and let PSP Go owners tether SIXAXIS/DualShock3 controllers using them, as well as copy demos/videos like Nintendo lets DS users and MS/360 users
Feb 17'11 - Let NavCons act as the same controller ID as Move, so games that aren't programmed to use it will be able to.



-Make 1080i and 3D support mandatory
-Trophy progress reports (you are 33% done getting this trophy, example. Unreal and Gears of War 2 do this)
-Let us save web pages in the browser (PSP can do it!)
-A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
-What ever happened to using PSP as a second display?
Aug 20 - More demos like Bomberman that are the full version of the game, you just have to download a small key to unlock it
June 20 '11 - An auto-zoom mode in the $499 3DTV that uses the black edges to detect which mode (webbrowser, game or XMB) the PSP is in, and zoom in so the PSP is always fills the entire screen

Backwards Compatibility

-Native HD rendering for PS2 games (which would also mean finishing the PS2 emulator)
-let PS3 accessories (Guncon3/PSeye/headsets/keyboards/mice) act as the PS2 accessories while in PS2 mode, and mice/guncon3 act as PS1 accessories in PS1 mode
-Remove the need to press the home button when you play a PS1/PS2 game (Can be done by upgrading the controller's firmware, and telling it to keep trying to reconnect to the console when it switches into BC mode or back)
-have PS1/PS2 saves go into our profile instead of a shared directory
-have PS1 virtual memory cards detect as a PocketStation
Mar 01 - Let us Assign the PS1/PS2 memory card adapter to a slot
Mar 01 - Add the Time/date to the PS menu
Mar 01 - Let us play music in PS1/PS2 games
Apr 03 - Remove territorial lockout on PS1/PS2 games
Aug 30 - Let us assign memory cards per system (there's no need for PS1 saves on PS2 and vice versa)
Aug 30 - Let us make new virtual memory cards while in-game
Sep 18 - Let us use the analog stick(s) as the dpad for PS1 games in digital mode
Dec 07 - Option to rotate the screen 90°

-Below is a table of things 360 does better than PS3, fix them. After all, you want to be competitive

Genre-specific controller settings
Saved to your profile
Not applicable
Trophy/Achievement support
All players logged in that earned it
The main player logged in
Trophy/Achievement XML data
Applicable Outputs to Facebook only
User behavior rating
5 star rating under the user's name in their profile
Rateable from the menu
Not applicable
Rateable from the menu as per 3.50
1080i/1080p support
Any game that doesn't support it is upscaled automatically
Must be implemented by the developers
Controller charging while off
Works if they are plugged in before it turns off
Used to work at all times, but Sony disabled that
Custom soundtracks
Implemented by the OS in every game
Must be implemented by the developers
Custom soundtrack support for external devices/servers
Implemented by the OS in every game Not applicable
Remote Control (for media)
Standard Infrared Bluetooth
PC storefront
Will tell the console to download the files when it turns on
Will not
Message support
Text, audio, photo
Text, photo
Instant messaging network
MSN, Twitter
VGA support
Via a proprietary cable
Not applicable
Game data management
You can delete individual files, such as levels and updates
You can delete all or nothing
Installing Games to the HDD
Implemented by the OS in every game Some are mandatory, some are optional, most cant
Only in HD-DVD and HD Netflix movies Must be on at all times
Profile portability
You can copy them to memory cards
Must use the online recovery process
Default A/V cables
Switchable between composite and component*
Controller-mounted Keypad
Nice big backlit buttons, nice position, uses controller's power
*facepalm* (see review)
Controller to console syncing
Wired (which makes using them on PSP, annoying)
Data transfer to a new HDD 2 3
Via a proprietary cable
Requires a third storage device or a PC with SATA or a USB enclosure.
Can transfer games/demos to USB
Only if you format 1-16 GB for the 360
Backup/restore process only
Homebrew support
Via an SDK that costs $99 a year (link)
Via Linux* which was removed April 1
Backwards Compatibility
With top selling OG XBOX games, on any model with a harddrive
PS2 On certain models only
PS1 On all models
*via certain models only (mainly the one I own, since we're discussing my preferences)
Best, OK, Worst, OK come on now wtf? (in terms of consumer friendliness)


-Mandatory native 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 3D, RemotePlay, 5.1/7.1 in all games
-A minimum of 60 FPS in all games (120 FPS when in 3D mode)
-Dual display support like you promised PS3 would have (ie: HDMI+Component/VGA)
-Full backwards compatibility with all previous generations games, cables and peripherals with upscaling to higher resolutions if needed
-No cloud BS. I don't feel like redownloading everything every time I want to play a game



-Ditch the horribly convoluted "New XBOX Experience" menu system, and copy the menu from the latest version of Windows Media Center or the Zune HD.
-Let us fast forward/rewind music
-Put ALL options/settings in the settings section
-A Guest account, so people don't have to make a new account for local multiplayer
-A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
-A way to update all owned games (or let us check them off like the copy/delete/multiple feature) like the iphone/ipod touch does
Mar 01 - Finish backwards compatibility
Mar 01 - Add support for original XBOX controllers, memory cards, headsets
Mar 01 - Add a way to transfer HDD data from original XBOXes to XBOX360

-Below is a table of things PS3 does better than 360, fix them. After all, you want to be competitive.

Save data
Proprietary memory cards
You can allocate 1-16 GB of USB devices for 360's use
Uses any flash card* or USB device
Hard drives
2 different types of proprietary hard drives, defaulted with 20 GB, 7 GB used
You can allocate 1-16 GB of USB devices for 360's use
Uses standard mini SATA hard drives
Defaulted with 60 GB*, 5 GB used
Data transfer to a new drive
Proprietary cable

Ethernet connection
Backup/Restore data to/from any USB device/flash card*
Data transfer to an existing drive
(videos, pictures, music)
Through the XBOX Live marketplace, and direct audio CD ripping only
Through the PSN store, direct audio CD ripping
Copy from any USB device/flash card*/CD/DVD
Data transfer from an existing drive
If you format the drive, you can allocate 1 to 16 GB for the 360*
Copy to any USB device/flash card*/CD/DVD
CD ripping
To WMA using a built in CD track listing database
will fallback to an online database if connected
To a user selectable codec and bitrate using an online CD track listing database that you can contribute to
Audio/video thumbnails
Embedded in ID3 data for music files only
Can choose any photo for music files or ID3 data
Animated thumbnails generated from the video

DVD HQV Benchmarking score
20 out of 130 (link)
120 out of 130 (link)
Editable metadata
Audio files only
Games, audio, music, photos
Microphone headsets
Proprietary wireless headset
Standard minijack headsets
Standard Bluetooth headset
Standard USB headsets
Proprietary controllers with data encryption
PCs require a proprietary dongle to use wireless controllers
Standard Bluetooth and USB HID compliant controllers
PCs require bluetooth to use wireless controllers
Controller batteries
AAs or rechargeable battery packs that stop working after a year (at least for me)
Controller charge cable
Proprietary cable, which blocks the sync button
Standard USB
Low controller battery warning
Controller lights blink faster and faster
All 4 controller lights blink
on screen notification

Pressing X on a selected file
Brings up a context menu with Play/Open being an option
(For videos, the start button plays the file)
Plays the file
Mass file handling
You have the option to delete everything
File delete/copy/move multiple options letting you select individual files from a list
Wireless mice/keyboard
With USB dongles only
Standard Bluetooth mice/keyboards
Proprietary webcam Standard USB webcams
Web browser
Via Windows Media Center plugins only
Online multiplayer
Subscription fee based
HD video disc
Via additional hardware Included
Requires an adaptrer on older models
Included on all models
A/V cables
Proprietary A/V cable new to this generation*
(Standard HDMI 1.2 in later versions)
The same proprietary A/V cable PS1 and PS2 used
Standard HDMI 1.3, being upgraded to 1.4
Power cable
Proprietary power cable that differs between models, and an external adapter
Internal adapter, and standard PC power cable
Backwards compatibility
Partial software BC via software emulation, upscaling enhancement, does not use old controllers or save data
Full software BC via hardware*, upscaling enhancement, adapters to use old memory cards and controllers
None on later models
DRM on downloadable content
Let's just leave it at they have a website set up to transfer licenses to a new console. And you still have to redownload everything
Downloadable to 5 PS3s, and 5 PSPs
Data transfer to other systems
Videos and music can be transferred to Zunes only
Some games will be transferable to ZuneHD2 and WinMo7 devices later on
PS1 games, minis, music, photos and some videos can be copied to PSPs. PS1 games and some PS3 games are playable on PSP via RemotePlay
Media server capabilities
Not applicable RemotePlay to PSPs
Territorial lockout
Can be implemented by the developers Not applicable
Profile portability A long/annoying recovery process each time a different system uses the account
Multiple systems can share the same account easily
On screen keyboard
ABCDEF, QWERTY, switchable in main menu
QWERTY, T-9, Text prediction, switchable at any time
How do delete things like user accounts/themes/save games/install files, etc
Leave the menu with the item and go into memory settings, find the item again, click delete
With the item selected in it's menu press triangle, click delete
Videos with MPG/MPEG extention
Can browse outside DCIM folder if found on a portable device
Not for videos or music
Yes, if you press triangle, View All
Can zoom in photos
Devs are given X MB for updates
5 MB for all free content total
Simultaneous HDMI & Optical Audio
via Proprietary HDMI+Optical hybrid cable
via standard HDMI and optical cables
*via certain models only (mainly the one I own, since we're discussing my preferences)
Best, OK, Worst, OK come on now wtf? (in terms of consumer friendliness)


You're going to have to bite the bullet and add Bluray to be a competitive multimedia box
See everything else suggested above



-Video recording and playback (PSP does it)
-MP3 playback for pete's sakes (PSP does it)
-JPG support for images that weren't taken by the internal cameras (PSP does it)
-Allow booting downloaded games off the SD card Check!
-Somehow make the time accessible at any time. Maybe have it pop up on screen (along with a battery power indicator) for a few seconds when you press the start button Double Check!
-Ditch that 1 dimensional array you call a menu and try again. If you must, copy Wii's menu system Check!
-Those downloadable demos you can get from kiosks and Wii's? Let us save them to the SD card or internal memory
-Make it so the firmware can be upgraded to actually enhance games like modern (PSP/PS3/360) systems can do
-A multitasking photo app, where a grid of thumbnails are on the bottom screen for you to select which photo to view on the top screen and you can play music at the same time.
-A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
Mar 29 - Allow you to play DSi games you downloaded on another system Check!


-Even PSP has a 1.3 megapixel camera, the one DSi uses a joke. Try harder.
-Switch to a USB port for charging, and data transfer to the SD card and internal memory
Jun 28 - Add bluetooth and built-in IR LEDs for the ability to use Wii controllers, or a Wiimote EXT port to use classic controllers/nunchucks/etc
Mar 29 - Add a USB port to the docking bay, as well as a clip to store the AC adapter

Backwards Compatibility

-Put the GBA slot back in, I have DS games that require it for pete's sakes. It's not as if you had a lack of space on the DSi XL
-Put GB/GBC compatibility back in the GBA slot with upscaling
-Support Super Gameboy color profiles for GB games
Jun 06 - Start putting GB/GBC/GBA games in Virtual Console Check!
Oct 13 - And Virtual Boy games!



-Make it so the firmware can be upgraded to actually enhance games like modern (PSP/PS3/360) systems can do, instead of storing each version of the OS
-Make it so Gamecube and Wii classic controllers are all usable via the same API. So any game (Gamecube or Wii) that uses either, uses both of them
-Let us copy Gamecube memory card data to and from internal memory and SD cards, like you promised.
-Let Gamecube games detect/use the Wifi internet connection
-Add support for bluetooth headsets, keyboards, mice, etc
-Add support for USB drives like Wii supports SD cards
-Add a DVD player, and put MP3 playback back in. It's the 21st century for pete's sake
-Add in-game text/audio messaging
-The Wii balance board manual claims only 1 board can be synced to a system at a time. Increase that limit to 2 minimum, there's enough of them out there to warrant it.
-Don't release the Wii Vitality sensor. It's stupid.
-Make Widescreen, progressive scan, and surround sound support mandatory
-Let games use the API to call up Wii's virtual keyboard with text prediction
-A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
Jun 06 - Start putting GB/GBC/GBA games in Virtual Console, while letting you share them with DS/DSi/3DSs (Like PS3 does with PSP)

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Feb 09 - Ability to act as a standard USB hard drive instead of that retarded/useless MTP crap. We shouldn't have to use itunes for anything.
Feb 09 - Stop asking for a password when downloading free apps or updating
Feb 09 - A way to report the device as stolen, so the next time it signs online it locks itself down until it is returned to a retailer/service station who will return it to the original owner
Feb 09 - Copy SBSettings, Winterboard, StatusNotifier, LockInfo
Mar 07 - Add a seek bar, song rating, and delete song button in the ipod popup/lockscreen
Mar 29 - Stop the email and web browsers from scrolling to the top of the page so damned often
May 02 - Stop letting carriers disable features
Jun 05 - Make the prongs on the adapter flip closed like DS's