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Photo Gallery

Pokemon Box's box, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Master Sword and Shield replica+Soundtrack in box, Oshare Majo card reader+box, SuperGB Commander+box, Keyboard Controller+box, N64 Heart rate monitor+box, Guitar Hero fretster+box, Hori Digital controller, DS Slide+box, Wii SNES Classic in box, NERF blaster+box, Wii Zapper, Resident Evil shot blaster in box, Arkanoid wheel+box, GCN microphone
8 Bit Retro Mouse in box, Pistol mouse in box, Novint Falcon, both orb grips and the pistol grip in box. Saitek Pro Command Pad
3 PSPs, WonderSwan Color, GBA NES SP and box, Tapwave Zodiac, Pocket Pikachu, Sakura and their boxes, PocketStation, Punching Ghaleon doll in box, Joanna Dark action figure in box, Killzone retail ad box, Steel Battalion box
MC and Cortana Halo 2 action figures, Ace Combat 6 Ace Edge Flight Stick and box, Silent Scope Rifle and box, Halo 2 retail standee, Halo 3 SPNKr Missile Controller case, Steel Battalion Behemoth controller
Onimusha Soul Katana and box, Super Robot Wars Controller in box, Time Crisis 4+Guncon3 and box, Time Crisis Crisis Zone+Guncon2 box, Ace Combat 5 Flight stick 2, Splitfish FragFX, Shadow the Hedgehog mini controller+dome, neGcon+box
Retrocon, JogCon and Resident Evil pad (in the SPNKr), Power Shovel controller, PS1 flightstick, Dragon Warrior Slime controller+stand, Guncon2, DualShock3+Wireless keypad+RealTriggers
Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw+stand/box, Arcade Fighter Classic Pad in box, both Chunli controllers in boxes, PS-890 in box, Reload Pedal, DragonPlus one, ASCII Grip, FPS Master
Rez device+box, both PS1 dual analog protoshocks, Volume controller, Seamic controller
FFX-2 Tiny Bee+box, Space Invaders table/controller+box, GTAIV collector's edition, Super Robot Wars Controller in box (and because I forgot them earlier, the DS Dragon Warrior Slime Speaker stand and Megaman mini controller)
IZEK Sewing machine+box, Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition box, Ace Combat 5 box
Mad Catz 360 retro/classic controller,  Wii Classic Pro Kuro, Night Vision Goggles
PSone LCD, SpaceOrb 360, Nyko Perfect Shot
Cybiko, Cybiko Extreme, Wonder Wave, Chotto Shot, Mario Paint Mouse
Super Scope 6, Gene Simmons Axe Guitar, SplitFish mousepad, Virtual Boy
Gene Simmons Axe Guitar box, Halo 3 Legendary Edition, ZXE-D Legend of the Plasmalite box
Wii Wheel, Skeleton Blue Wonderswan, N64 VRS, ZXE-D Mechs, PSeye
Virtual On Twin Sticks

XBOX360+box, Saturn+box (with adapter to use on Dreamcast), Dreamcast+box (with adapter to use on PC)
Arcade unit
Bioshock 2: Collector's Edition
God of War 3: Ultimate Edition box and Pandora's box, P5 Glove and box, Classic Trackball and box
Grip v2 and box, Easy Piano and box
JetFighter, Terminator and cylinder
Otomedius Gorgeous: Hyper Stick Pro stick, buttons and box, N64 Transfer Pack, PS2 USB Headset
StarFire LightBlaster
Hori Digital/Retro controller
Glove, PokéWalker, TiltFX (partially obscured by the date stamp)
SCPH-1100 Analog Flight Stick, PSP Go
2x NES, SNES, PS/SNESCD controller (DTL-H500, codename MW.3), SCPH-1080 DTL PS1 controller

SCPH-1080 PS1, SCPH-1150 Dual Analog "Proto-Shock", SCPH-1180 Dual Analog "Proto-Shock-less"
SCPH-1200 DualShock 1, SCPH-10010 DualShock 2, CECHZC1U SIXAXIS, CECHZC2J DualShock 3

Family photo
XFPS Fire+box, EMS TopGun+box
Vaus, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker CE, Mario 8-bit mouse+box, Sphere 360+box
Halo Reach: Legendary Edition, Assault Rifle
Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition, EX Jinsei/Game of Life Roulette controller+box, JogDial+box, KidsStation+box
SplitFish FragFX V.2, Move+NavCon, RPG DuoCon II+box
BUZZ! Buzzers, Big Button Pads, Famicom 3D System+box
Dragon Quest BattleRoad Victory Controller in box, Top Shot Elite box, Call of Duty Black Ops: Prestige Edition spycar in box, game below the box
uDraw Game Tablet+box, Top Shot Elite
PiStol3+box, Mini D.D.R. Fingerpad
NES, NES controller
NES Paul, NEScade
Killzone 3: Helghast Edition, Sharp Shooter box, LittleBigPlanet2: Collector's Edition
Super Stick L5, Helghast action figure, 3-in-1 Remote, GameTrak
HKS Racing Controller, Sharp Shooter, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Gamindustri version
PSP Go inside Metal Blue Case, Dead Space 2: Collector's Edition, FPSGUN
BattleTag+Medkit (UbiConnect base, RFID tag devices/targets, Pistols, Vest), inFamous 2: Hero Edition, V3 Steering Wheel
Q1, Pokéyboard+box, Quickshot Misc joystick, DC Mouse, Grip (Hori), XtendPlay
Rampart, G15 Gaming Keyboard
FX 1000 x2+Dual joystick adapter, Xperia Play+box, Parasite Eve 3/3rd Birthday: Twisted Edition, Barcode Boy, Nintendo 3DS
3DTV, Tactical Assault Commander 3 box, Uncharted Collector's Edition
Tatsunoku vs Capcom box with LiveView and Chotto Shot mk II on top, WonderBorg, Otomedius Special Edition (and under that, the Drum Grip)
Tatsunoku vs Capcom Fight Stick, Sifteo Cubes, Metal Gear Solid HD Collector's Edition, Tactical Assault Commander 3
Chameleon X-1, PSP go Bear, uDraw Game Tablet II
Wappy Dog, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Edition box, Sailor Moon to Hiragana Lesson Box
Wappy Dog box, Atelier Mereru: Apprentice of Arland Limited Edition, NiGHTS into Dreams box and controller, Smash Controller box
Legend of Zelda metal box, Assassin's Creed 3 metal box, Sailor Moon Wand, Legend of Zelda Golden Wiimote+Nunchuck+Classic Pro, Smash Controller
PlayStation Vita+Trigger Grips, 3DS's Second Analog Nub attachment, Maestro box and baton
Kinect Gun
MAG II (in box), Fei Yen HD Composite Miku Hatsune figurine, Wonderbook and box
Pair Match and box, Fearmaster and box, Zone of the Enders HD Collector's Edition, The Last of us metal box, Dead Space 3 metal box, Project X: Limited Edition, Ragnarok Odyssey CE, FF13-2 Limited Edition
GreenThrottle Atlas, Sidewinder Dual Strike, Big red panic button, Wildfire gaming dock, DS Rumble Pak, Pebble
OUYA box controller and console, Zeemote JS1, NSZ-GS7 Remote
Dead Space 3 Developer's edition, Hyrule Historia, (Red) Koopa mouse, Golden Wii Nunchuck box, Jackpot Slots
Intel wireless series gamepad, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Collectors Edition+Golden Wiimote (with motion plus) box
Stepper Controller, 8-bit Goomba mouse, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory: Collectors Edition, Guru Guru Town Hanamaru-kun, Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F mini, Fragmaster
Pinball Magic, QuickShot NES zapper scope
Dance Summit, V-pick Controller, Tam Tam Paradise, V-pick Controller, Pro Controller U, DDR Hand Controller
Metal Gear Rising: Collectors Edition, Pinball Magic (in box), Jackpot Slots (in box), V-pick Controller (in box), MS-757 Multi-System Handstick+box
Oculus Rift, Neptunia PP Limited Edition, Metal Gear Rising: metal box, Stepper Controller (in box), COD:BLOPSII Care Package
Leap+box, Razer Hydra, Hello Kitty controller, Gold Seamic (partially obscured), Intel wireless series mouse, BB-II interface+BB II, Wii U gamepad+Pro controller
ZokZok Heroes on top of the Razor Hydra box, Splinter Cell Blacklist collector's edition, Saints Row 4: Game of the conceited developers edition, Cyberbike 2
Pokemon Tretta lab, Logitech Cyberman 2, Pinball Wizzard, Winnie the Pooh controller, Mickey Mouse controller, iMpulse controller, Cronus device, MOGA, Oculus Rift case
DOSO PSW-303, Pluster World, The Last of Us collector's edition guide, FPS Battle Stick
Camera (PS4), SCPH-1100 (PS1), PSeye (PS3)
PocketStation (PS1), PSP 1K, PSP 2K, PSP go, Xperia Play, Vita
DTL-H500 (PSX), SCPH-1080 (PS1), SCPH-1150/SCPH-1180 (PS1), DualShock (PS1), DualShock 2 (PS2)
SIXAXIS (PS3), DualShock 3 (PS3), DualShock 4 (PS4), Move Wheel (PS3)
Move + NavCon + SharpShooter (PS3), LCD (PSone)

Family Photo
Ju-C air, The Legend of Zelda Prima guides box, Rapunzel and Frozen Disney Infinity sets, Atmark Pippin box on top of the Stinky footboard box
NJS-3D1 Nintendo joystick, Atmark Pippin controller, Famicom Network controller, Stinky Footboard, Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige edition 
The Guided Fate Paradox collector's edition, Pokemon Rumble display box
Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 complete figure/playset collection
Epic Mickey 2: Paintbrush, Epic Mickey 2: Clicker
Xccelerator, Construction Zone controller, NJS-3D1, Cyber Stick CZ-8NJ2
Cyberman, Fighting Commander, Expansion Analog Nub XL/LL, Pixel Art
Meka Pokeler, HORI ZeroTech, Cyberman I, Gundam controller
Batters Up Box on top of the Oculus Rift box containing:
SNES30 box, NES30 Pro box, NES30 box, ODiN box, Oculus Remote, Oculus Rift CV1, Mycestro
Batters Up, Wireless Steering wheel above Steam controller box, X45, GPD Q88+ RK3188 on top of it's box, Vita L2/R2 trigger grips, Retrode, NanoArcade

Myo armband, Ozobot, Google Cardboard, Pokken, Steam controller, NES30, NES30 Pro, SNES30, SURFR

On top of 2 Wii fit boards: Seamic above Majora's Mask new3DS, Nyko Smart Grip, Jet mouse, DerpyCon, XBOX 1 controller, PS4 controller with chatpad, telescopic controller
Delta 6, PSP Go cable adapter, DDRpad for 360
Soul Dollz, Skylanders, TopDrive
Samsung Q1, Kinect, orbiTouch
ARliens attack, which is so low-quality that I can't recommend it
Wireless gamepad and selfie shutter remote
e-Reader for GBA and GBCamera
The Kids Station Drawing Tablet
Under it is the Panther for Dreamcast
The boxes for the PocketCHIP, ARDUBOY, NES Classic
Under it is the action controller for Colecovision

The next row is:
The Stealth controller for SNES
The NetPlay for PS2 (There's a keyboard for it)
The HAL labs Joyball

And under it all is the SEGA Pods
Back Row:
DJ Hero, (KidzPlay Adventure Pad, on top of 8Bitdo N64 controller, on top of Eee Stick box, behind the Arduboy), Pokemon Z-ring, Moto 360, on top of the Edge Joystick box
KidzPlay motion steering wheel, next to Capcom Soldier Pad, on top of the Oculus Touch box, PSVR

Front Row:
Bass Landing, TAC Pro, PocketCHIP, (UltraRacer, on top of NES Classic, on top of Pokemon Go Plus), RedBear Zero
Oculus Touch (left), Edge Joystick, Oculus Touch (right), on top of NES Classic controller, Titan Two, the Gameboy and N64 Retroid modules
Eee Stick (left and right), Grifta morphing pad (left)

Not Shown

Not photographed yet:
https://sites.google.com/site/neotechni/Home/list sort by: Photographed

Infinity 3.0 figures, Amiibos and reader, Pokemon Rumble figures, SNDA EZ Remote, Gold N64 controller, Gold Wii Wheel, Cardboard Plastic, Amtek u560, Wii fit meter, FPS gear, Super Famicom network controller, VitaTV, Lightpack, Dice+, Touch+, PocketCHIP keyboard, 3D Rudder, Galaxy Note, IoT Phat, X1 analog caps, Super Racer, Bass Rise, Skylander figures 
Misc: Novint Falcon's box (missing)