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Existing controllers:

WonderWitch (WS/WSC)

Games Supported: WonderWitch
Can be found for: ~$120 Import only
Made by: Bandai
Kanji: ワンダーウィッチ
An official, homebrew software development kit for WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color

Official Link 2 Zophar's Domain M-KAI Qute Sample Code Yahoo Japan Auction Search

Blobo/Suma/Puyocon (PC)

Blobo: Uses bluetooth and I'm assuming a rechargeable battery, it has motion sensing and a squeeze sensor
Too damned expensive ($86 CDN before shipping)  and they are stupid enough to charge for the SDK

Suma: Like the Blobo, but wired and not available yet

More Information
Another ball controller, far superior to blobo in that it has a ton more sensors.
I listed all of them cause I don't really care which one I get

Adapters (PC)

Atari, SNES, N64, Parallel, Serial, PC Joystick

Coming soon/someday:


Games Supported: Most Android games
Can be found for: ~$35
Made by: Kickstarter
Release date: November
A bluetooth dpad, internal battery, charges via micro-USB


Artemis (PC)

Games Supported: MechWarrior Online
Can be found for: ?
Made by: Razer
Release date: ?
12 buttons, mini-throttle, touchscreen, joystick with forcefeedback, dpad, analog thumbstick, possibly 2 buttons, trigger


Mek-Fu (PC)

Games Supported: Hawken
Can be found for: ?
Made by: Ripleigh
Release date: first quarter of 2013
2 joysticks each with a thumbstick, trigger, left one has 4 buttons, right one has 3
6 switches + 1 more under a plastic Kelly cover, 4 dials, Larson scanner (health indicator), single line LCD (to show your call-sign, and text messages), 38 button keyboard, 23 lit buttons (2 big round ones) 


Phaser (PS3)

Games Supported: Star Trek
Can be found for: ?
Made by: ?
Release date: 2013
A shell for PS Move in the shape of a classic Phaser

Wii U Zapper III

Games Supported: ?
Release date: 2012
Can be found for: ?
Made by: Nintendo
Peripheral #: ?
Perfect for Silent Scope

XIO (?)

Games Supported: ?
Made by: ForceTek
Cost: "Competitive with Guitar Hero controllers"
Release date: 2011

Force-feedback arm exoskeleton that "provides a controlled resistance" to your arm and wrist movement.

Link Novint

The Duke (360)

Microsoft had Ben Heck make 6 of these for some Halo convention then auctioned them off. But did so in a way that prevented anyone who wasn't there from even having a chance of getting one. Jerks.

Concept controllers that will never be made:

Prototype "Boomerang" controller (PS3)

Sony's attempt at redesigning the controller for PS3

Prototype "Chiise" controller (Wii)

3 small buttons, 1 big button (the star) tilt sensor

WhiteFusion Reflex

The right thumbstick was replaced with a trackball for better FPS control. The bad part is, it's doesn't work as a thumbstick, so the controller must plug into a PS2 controller port, AND a USB port, AND the game must support mouse controls to use it.

Given that PS2 is a last gen system, and WhiteFusion.com is no longer a real website. The odds of this coming out are slim at best

Homepage More Information

301 W. Michigan Ave Suite A40
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

VMU MP3 player

A Dreamcast VMU with MP3 player capabilities

Controllers I wish existed:

Emotional Doll System (PS2)

Designed as an extension to the PlayStation 2 game console, The SONY SEVS-44936 is capable of interfacing with any games that uses the Emotional Doll System (EDS). As a consequence, she can become virtually any dating sim girl simply by switching from one game to another.

-Can use different languages by installing new language packs
-Obsolete/Dead Firewire, not even supported on later PS2s
-TV Out
-Controls and LCD mounted on 'Earblades'
-Not equipped with Wifi
Different versions: H, Non-H

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (PS3)

Youtube Video
A slight voltage is applied to the balance-sensing part of your ear, giving you the sensation of tilting. Would be perfect for racing games or flight sims

DualShockPortable (PSP)

No image available or needed A device that plugs into PSP's USB port (or the 1x/2x/3x series' remote ports, using the pikey plugin if it must), to give it a full USB port and bluetooth so it can sync with and use PS3 devices (Controller, Microphone headset, Keyboard, Mouse)

UMD Burner (PS3/PC)

I'd love a UMD Burner, shaped like a mini PS3. Complete with a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot under the flap that PS3 houses it's flash card slots, and an extra couple USB slots in the front.

PocketStation II (PS3)

It has a widescreen e-ink screen like Sony's e-book readers. That way battery power is only used when the screen updates saving a ton of energy (320*180, black/white) for in-controller XMB to change things like Invert Y axis, enable/disable rumble, assign the controller, set timer to shut down, calibration, etc. It would have to have some internal memory to store settings and it's upgradeable firmware.

The buttons underneath the screen are for multimedia. Previous track, Play/Pause, Next Track, bring up Buddy list, bring up unread messages, bring up controller settings. (something PS3's should have had)

The bottom line of the screen shows custom soundtrack info (play state, scrolling song name, current position/time remaining, and duration). This screen would also be used in game for text chat (so more of the conversation can fit on screen) or games could use it as a screen like Dreamcast's VMS. Games can choose to hide the status bars or not. It could also have little minigames like the VMS/PocketStation did, stored in internal memory (hopefully even PocketStation 1 games). You could set all XMB notifications (Buddy signed on/off, new trophy, error messages, etc) to show up on the controller instead of the TV (along with an accompanying noise to tell you to look at the TV)

It would have a speaker for said noises. Either just beeps, or like the Wiimote. Doesn't really matter. I guess a full speaker would be more useful.

Instead of the internal battery, the battery would clip into the back. Sort of like how a battery cover clips onto the back of a remote or GBA. Only the battery would be it's own cover. (something PS3's controller should have had)

In between the 2 analog sticks is a normal-sized (master) USB port. You can plug specific USB devices into it (microphone headsets, keyboards, mice, etc) and the controller would act as a hub to the console.

Beside the USB mini-B charge port is a microphone headset port like XBOX360's controller (something PS3's controller should have had)

It would use Gamecube-style, wide/clickable analog triggers. (The best triggers of any controller IMO)

I forgot to include it in the drawing, but it would have wings that are longer than Dualshock's, like the original SCPH-1150/1180 Dual Analog controller had.

And the one feature I've wanted for years, the only thing that would have actually made the Wii stand up to the code name "Revolution". Directional Force-feedback. There would be a spinning 3 axis gyroscope (2 would just point the third, the third would spin whenever force is to be applied) which would let the controller push itself in any direction. (Sony can call this feature TripleShock)

It would still have DualShock 3's features like charging over USB, rumble, SIXAXIS motion detection, bluetooth. However it's battery life would obviously be shorter unless they used a bigger battery of course. And it'd probably cost almost twice as much.

Silent Scope Rifle (PS3+PSP)

I'd love a version of Silent Scope for PS3, that uses a PSP (using RemotePlay) mounted on a GunCon3.
Another thing I'd like it is a light gun for the PSP itself, where you plug the PSP in front of the gun (so the gun points at the PSP) and uses motion sensing to detect when you aim it.

Controllers I'll have to build myself:

Katamari Controller (PS3)

Someone made this awesome giant trackball for Katamari Damacy

More Information and video footage

Ultimarc AimTrak (PC)

  • Emulates a mouse and controls the mouse pointer with no drivers required.
  • Works with any type of monitor
  • Designed to be used at a wide range of distances from the screen, down to 2 feet (600mm).
  • Very easy to use, no drivers required.
  • Simple calibration process requires no host software.
  • Trigger plus 6 other buttons can be defined as gamepad or mouse buttons
  • Up to four guns can be used on one PC
  • Soldering required
More Information

Not wanted but worth mentioning:


PediSedate is a medical device consisting of a colorful, toy-like headset that connects to a game component such as the  Nintendo Game Boy system or a portable CD player. Once the child places it on his or her head and swings the snorkel down from its resting place atop the head, PediSedate transparently monitors respiratory function and distributes nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas. The child comfortably becomes sedated while playing with a Nintendo Game Boy system or listening to music

More Information

The Mammoth (Saturn)

Only not-wanted because it's not possible to get it (or ship it, or store it, or use it). It was created as a museum piece for the (extremely bad) game Death Crimson, and is a giant light gun, with a Sega Saturn built in and sealed shut with the game inside. He also made a light gun for PS2...

More Information More Pictures