This site contains all the novelty controllers/peripherals I own and want to own

En route/pre-ordered/constructing:
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Recent acquisitions (Controllers): 295

Soldier Pad (SNES) - January 11
N64 and GBx Retrode modules (PC/AND) - December 28
Stealth Controller (SNES) - December 25
Toon Link and Zelda, 8-bit Link amiibos (WiiU/3DS) - December 9
iOT pHAT + Red bear Zero (Pi) - December 2

Recent acquisitions (Collectibles):

Watch_Dogs 2 (PS4)
The Last Guardian (PS4)

Recent changes (Site):

Added 1 more Master Shot (June 10, 2012)
Added 1 more Master Shot (June 11, 2011)
Added some screenshots to My Programs (December 10)
Added another Master Shot (November 21)
Added ISBN data and links to cover art for my Strategy Guides (November 7)

Recent changes (My Programs):

Mass Renamer II (June 7) Multiple improvements to the auto-renamer, and a directory converger was added

Recent changes (Other Programs):

PSPdisp (November 19) More enhancements (see Buzz for more info)
Action Replay codes (February 14) to use the Arkanoid DS wheel in Mario Kart DS
PSeye (January 25) drivers
FuSa Gamepad v 0.3 (January 6) - Supports customization of buttons
Added DexDrive and TrioLinkerII (December 22) software to the adapter page

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