What happened to this site? It used to look slightly less plain, and now things are messed up?

Google forced me to transition from their old Google sites, which let me edit the HTML to some degree, to their inferior, newer version which uses a terrible WYSIWYG editor, and they converted my HTML to their horrible new format which couldn't even handle tables properly. I am working on fixing things if I can, but Google is a real PITA

My software for the AtLegends BitPixel and PixelCade:

I have made a program to use the LED panel as a secondary display for Windows PCs, more info on what it does is available here

This site contains all the novelty controllers/peripherals I own and want to own

Recent acquisitions (Peripherals): 443

  • Govee Immersion (Multi) - July 27

  • Mario Kart Live (SW) - July 15

  • Sonic Screwdriver (Wii), GPi Mate Plus for CM4 lite (GPi) - July 2

  • Sinden Lightgun (PC) - June 24

  • Legends BitPixel (PC) - May 14

Recent acquisitions (Collectibles):