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The "JLinkFinder" a.k.a. "Link Finder" searches full links at given page for the given link part.

Download the last version
SHA-1 checksum: 4e1a3753e79fe884fd692df6a455735d068aa8fe

Download the last LITE version

SHA-1 checksum: 70855a52fbdef1f28e4c0073383a93dd7d8d770f

Changelog (v0.9.5a)
 + better login
 + new engine for guarded links using htmlunit
 + bug fixes
Changelog (LITE v0.8.8c)
 + separator for copied links
 + mark the new links numbers with stars *nn*
 + fix for unknown hosts
 + refresh all available sites and links

 + engines for guarded links
 + login possibility
 + cookie handling per domain
 + follow some redirects to find target links
 + search links in texts of click links
 + delete recent pages
 + open found Links in standard browser with double click
 ~ show the page title in history and the URL as tooltip
 ~ store to 100 last browsed pages in history

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