Professional Bio

I am a post-doctoral researcher at Paris School of Economics and the Institut Convergences Migrations. I hold a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master's in Development Economics, both from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. My research interests include migration, labor economics, and political economy.

I have worked on the labor market impacts of the Arab Spring protests in Egypt, as well as on the political and institutional changes that followed. I have also researched the impact of temporary migration experiences on the occupational mobility of return migrants (relatively to non-migrants). My current research projects focus on migrants' legal status and the long term penalty of undocumented migration; Syrian refugee inflows in Jordan and their impact on the internal, return, and international migration patterns of Jordanians; and family policy reforms in France, in relation to women’s fertility choices and labor supply.

The research projects I am working on have received grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, the British Academy, the Fondation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Développement International, and the Economic Research Forum. I also worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the International Labor Organization.