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               Neapolitan Chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America

                                                     Naples, Florida

General Meetings Jan. 15, Feb. 19, Mar. 18, 2020

Please join us for our monthly General Meetings 9:30am, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at the Avellino Isles Clubhouse in the Vineyards neighborhood of Naples, FL.  Venue might be different in the fall of 2020 Oct/Nov.

Directions -   

General Meetings - Avellino Isles Clubhouse:
Coming from the north or the south on I-75, exit east onto Pine Ridge Road.
1. Turn left at the first traffic light onto Napa Blvd. Go past the Walgreen on the right, through the
Vineyards sign to the end of the street. Turn left onto Vineyards Blvd. Go to the first stop sign
(across from Vineyards Elementary School and Ave Maria Law School) and turn right at the
guard gate onto Arbor Blvd. The guard will have a list of names so that you will be admitted.
2. Go to the first right turn and turn right onto Vintage Colony Drive. Go all the way to the end and
when you go through the black iron gates, go straight, and just past the first building on the right
you will see the mailboxes and the clubhouse.

Coming from the south on US 41, turn east on Pine Ridge Road. After you go under I-75, follow #1
and #2 above.

Coming from the north on US 41, go east on Vanderbilt Beach Road. After going under I-75, at the
second traffic light (the first is for Vineyards Elementary School), turn right onto Vineyards Blvd.
1. Turn left at the first opportunity by the guard gate, just across from the school and Ave Maria
Law School, onto Arbor Blvd. The guard will have a list of names so that you will be admitted.
2. Follow #2 above.

Our Chapter sponsors this exhibit so we can share our embroideries with the public and try to keep this art alive.  Some of the display items include pieces from classes that we have had in Naples the last two years.  
Florida Map designed and taught by Catherine Jordan - Recreating a hand painted antique map, early 2019

Beading - Heron, Starfish, and Tidal Pool - designed and taught by Eleanor Pigman early 2019


 Turtle on organza - This was from Gary Clarke, an Australian teacher and designer that was here in November of 2019.  Hopefully, there will be some finished pieces of this at the Exhibit.


Edinburgh Etui - designed and taught by Betsy Morgan.  Betsy is a world-class designer and teacher who has been featured in Inspirations magazine.  Betsy came to Naples and taught this class right before our last Exhibit in 2018.  

  The Art of Needlework Exhibit helps to pay for the World Class teachers that we bring in to Naples.  Please help us keep the Art of Needlework alive by visiting us at the show.  Who knows, maybe you would feel like joining the EGA and learning a new hobby, or take up embroidery again?  We take all levels and have many mentors, join us!!


Pictures from our 2018 Exhibit


Top left - Visitors admiring the beautiful pieces of embroidery.
Top right - Winners of the People's Choice awards
Left - The Boutique, where you can find handmade items by members.  


Pictures from recent classes

  January 2020 - Deborah Merrick-Wilson, from the Smithsonian, designed a special piece for our Chapter "A Taste of Tudor" - we learned all about the history of Elizabethan Goldwork and had a wonderful time working with gold!

  February 2020 - Barbara Ellis, a national teacher/designer of beaded necklaces and many other beaded objects, and our own member, taught a class called "Turkish Delight" which is a combination of necklaces.  Barbara is a wonderful teacher and the ladies learned so much from her.


Current News for January 2020

The Chapter has filled 2 library display cases at the Central Library branch at 650 Central Ave #6027.  These pieces will be on display during the months of Jan and Feb.  




     Some of our members spent the day at the Central Library in Naples, to try and spread the word about World Embroidery Day.  We had kits to hand out and information for those interested.  Here are a few pictures of the event.  




We are the Neapolitan Chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America, and, as such, part of EGA's Sun Region which encompasses all of the Florida chapters and Bermuda.  

EGA's Mission: The mission of the Embroiderers' Guild of America is to inspire passion for the needle arts through education and the celebration of its heritage.


     Chapter Outreach  
 For over a decade members have stitched "Home Sweet Habitat" samplers which are framed and presented to the new owners of Habitat homes at their dedication ceremony.


We did this piece, "Florida Palm",  in a class taught by Gail Sirna


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