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2019 Meetings:


Newcastle, 3rd Floor, Commercial Union House, Explore Building Map

Elena Tiribilli

Social Maps of the Egyptian Late Period (664-332 BC):

Priests, people and bureaucrats in the Western Delta


TBA February


Durham, Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum Map

Durham - Extra lecture



Saturday 16 th March - 2:00-4:00


Durham, Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum Map

Cédric Gobeil

Deir el-Medina revisited. Latest work and discoveries from a site thought to be well known

Cédric Gobeil has been the Director of the Egypt Exploration Society since 2016. He previously worked for the French Archaeological Institute in Cairo as archaeologist with responsibility for the site of Deir el Medina. He will direct new work for the EES in Sudan at one of the southernmost Egyptian outposts in Sudan.


Saturday 11 th May - 2:00–4:00


Durham, Oriental Museum Map


Handling Session - Members Only

Weird and Wonderful


Saturday 25 th May - 2:00-4:00


Newcastle, Fourth Floor, Commercial Union House, Explore Building Map

Roger Forshaw (Lecturer at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at the University of Manchester where he teaches biomedical Egyptology.)

The Two Brothers

How DNA analysis has helped to shed some light on a question that has puzzled Egyptologists for over a hundred years


Saturday 13 th July - 2:00–4:00


Durham, Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum Map

José Manuel Galán (Research Professor - Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Near East, Spanish National Research Council (ILC–CSIC))

From the 18th down to the 12th Dynasty.

Recent discoveries of the Spanish mission at Dra Abu el-Naga


Since 2001 José’s scientific career focuses on the development of the research project that he started and directed, centred on the hillside of Dra Abu el-Naga, at the northern end of the necropolis of ancient Thebes on the west bank of modern Luxor. The so-called ‘Djehuty Project’ involves annual archaeological campaigns of 6 weeks duration, which includes excavation, restoration, epigraphy, the study of the geology and environmental conditions of the rock-cut tomb-chapels, the analysis of human and animal remains, plants and woods. It is an interdisciplinary research project, which involves every year about twenty specialists of various disciplines, and around one hundred local workmen during the fieldwork season.


Please note the Miner’s Gala takes place on 13th in Durham


Monday 12 - Friday 16 th August


Durham, Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum Map

Ancient Egypt Summer School: Hands On

Durham University is offering a week-long summer school with a focus on discovering how to explore Ancient Egypt and its people. Through practical hands-on sessions with archival records and ancient Egyptian objects hosted at Durham University’s Libraries and Museums, they will untangle the many past and present stories woven within ancient Egypt’s material culture. From the hopes and fears of the ancient Egyptian women and men who lived by its Nile valley, the 19th century Egyptian workers and archaeologists, European excavators and collectors to the modern Egyptians reviving ancient Egypt daily, the course will help you trace ancient Egypt’s full story. You will also gain an insight on the latest methods and resources used by archaeologists and Egyptologists today to document and decipher its monuments and literature and record its landscape through satellite imagery. The course will culminate in a final discussion session attempting to answer today’s most pressing question: Who owns ancient Egypt? The aim is to find a way to understand Ancient Egypt as well as those who have studied it and those who revive it every day and to discover something about ourselves in the process.
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Still in planning British Museum


Saturday 12 th October - 2:00–4:00


Durham, Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum Map

Carolyn Graves-Brown - Egypt Centre, Swansea

My Favourite Things in the Egypt Centre.


Saturday 23 rd November - 9:30-5:00


The Literary and Philosophical Society, 23 Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE1 1SE Map


Nicky Neilsen – Seti I, Further speakers tbc