2021 Indiana Baha'i Summer School

September 18, 2021 (Saturday)
10am - 5:15pm

We are thrilled to announce the 2021 Indiana Baha'i Summer School!

  • The entire school will be held online via Zoom video, all in the comfort of your home.

  • The program is Race Amity Part III, a continuation of last year's wonderful program.

  • There are children's classes for ages 4-7.

  • It's free! Invite anyone who is interested.

  • What to bring? Your smiling face and a desire for meaningful conversations.

  • The day's schedule can be found here: https://www.inbahaisummerschool.org/schedule

  • Registration will open soon.

Any questions? Please contact Mary Anne Rood at indiana@nbs.usbnc.org.

Loving Greetings,

Indiana Baha’i Summer School Committee