In the Buddha's Words

Starting in February 2012, we will be reading and discussing the book In the Buddha's Words, edited by Bhikkhu Bodhi. The book is roughly $13 new and $10 used. (Click here to see this book at Amazon.)

The book is made up of selections from the Pali Canon, a collection of teachings of the Buddha. Many of the same texts are available for free online (though in different translations). If you don't want to buy the book, you can find many of the texts at Access to Insight. Click here for a copy of the book's table of contents, preface, and introduction. The table of contents will help you identify the texts we're reading, and the preface and introduction provide a lot of helpful background information.

The book is too long for us to read all of it. Here's a schedule of which portions we'll be reading and (roughly) when:

2/12 -- Chapter I

2/19 -- Chapter II

2/26 -- Chapter VII (note the jump--we're skipping III-VI)

3/4 -- Chapter VIII

3/11 -- Chapter IX, Sections 1-3

3/18 -- Chapter IX, Sections 4-5

We may ultimately decide to read more, or we may move on to a new dharma topic.