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Purple Martin Field Day in VA

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Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017

 Time: Presentation begins at 11:00am; please arrive before 11:00am.

             Scheduled activities end by 3:00pm.

 Location: A private farm in Louisa County, VA (central VA, about 40 miles west of Richmond)

This Field Day is held at the farm of Mrs. Merle Wood and her son, Mr. Lance Wood. See the most effective techniques and equipment available for successful martin management. Attracting and keeping Purple Martins can be difficult. Learn how the Wood family has grown their colony from 4 pairs of Purple Martins in 1992 to more than 130 pairs! The host, Mr. Lance Wood, is an expert on birds and has published several Purple Martin articles in national publications.

Presentations begin at 11:00am and will cover these topics: how to establish and enlarge a Purple Martin colony; advantages and disadvantages of different types of martin housing; protecting birds from snakes, hawks, owls, raccoons, House Sparrows, Starlings, wind damage, lightning, etc.; and adding starling-resistant entrance holes to martin housing. Enjoy watching hundreds of Purple Martins soaring and feeding their nestlings while the instructors teach! After the main program, you can buy gourds/seeds, and learn to grow gourds and modify them to create Purple Martin homes, and see a demonstration of starling control equipment. 

No registration. Event is FREE, but donations are appreciated to help cover expenses. 

Bring: Lawn chairs, binoculars, notepad, bag lunch/drink, and camera.

Please do not bring pets.


GPS coordinates for the intersection of Rte. 15 and E. Jack Jouett Rd. (Rte. 640):

38.024805,-78.190525   (or)   38°01'29.3"N   78°11'25.9"W  NOTE: At this intersection, you will see MARTINS signs to follow from there; allow 15 more minutes to reach the Field Day site from this point (and from this intersection of Rte. 15 and Rte. 640 in directions below.)

From Richmond, VA: Follow I-64 West toward Charlottesville; take Exit 136 (Zion Crossroads); turn right onto Rte. 15 North; from the LOWE’S/WAL-MART traffic light, go 3.4 miles on Rte. 15 North; turn right onto E. Jack Jouett Rd. (Rte. 640) and follow the MARTINS signs to the Field Day site.

From Charlottesville, VA: Follow I-64 East and take Exit 136 (Zion Crossroads); bear left onto

Rte. 15 North; from the LOWE’S/WAL-MART traffic light, go 3.4 miles on Rte. 15 North; turn right onto E. Jack Jouett Rd. (Rte. 640) and follow the MARTINS signs to the Field Day site. 

From Orange, VA: Follow Rte. 15 South to Boswells Tavern; go about 3 miles on Rte. 15 South; turn left (east) on E. Jack Jouett Rd. (Rte. 640) and follow the MARTINS signs to the Field Day site.

From Louisa, VA: Follow Rte. 22 West; turn left (south) on Rte. 613 (Poindexter Rd.); turn right on

Rte. 695 (Hamilton Rd.) and follow the MARTINS signs to the Field Day site.

From South Boston, VA: Follow 360 East to Keysville, then take Rte. 15 North to Farmville; follow signs

(making turns) to stay on Rte. 15 North; cross I-64 at Zion Crossroads; from the LOWE’S/WAL-MART traffic light, go 3.4 miles on Rte. 15 North; turn right onto E. Jack Jouett Rd. (Rte. 640) and follow the MARTINS signs to the Field Day site.



Questions? Call Kathy at (434) 222-1831 (leave voicemail)

NCPMS events for 2017

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Jan. 26th- Purple martin talk at Cary Senior Center. 9:30am
Feb. 6th- Purple martin talk at lady Slipper Garden Club meeting
March 25th: NCPMS meeting in Holly Springs @ 1:30pm.
April 29th: Blue Songbird Celebration (we'll have a table/info booth) at Blue Jay Point Park in Raleigh
May 4th: Purple martin talk at Bass lake to local NCWF chapter at Bass Lake in Holly Springs, NC.

If you would like directions to any location or more info, send us an email on the Contact Us page.

Come see us at Songbird Celebration!

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Upcoming event: The NCPMS will once again have a booth at Songbird Celebration this year at Blue Jay Point Park in Raleigh on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. We will be there from 10:30am-3pm. Come talk martins with us!

Next NCPMS Meeting

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We will have our next meeting on Saturday August 8th at 2pm at Riverbend Park which is in Catawba County, NC.

One of the staff members there also does hummingbird banding. He will be banding that day from 7:30am-11am. You are welcome to watch him band hummingbirds, then take a lunchbreak, walk around the park,and then come talk martins with us from 2pm-4pm in the afternoon. Make a day of it! More info on the park here:

Our meeting agenda is TBA.

Please send an email via the "Contact Us" link if you would like to attend.

See you there!

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming NCPMS events:

-Next meeting: **Saturday March 14th, 2pm**. Location: Courtney's house in Holly
Springs (Wake County). Use the Contact Us link to ask for directions. Agenda: TBA but
will include a section on house sparrow and starling
control/competition. Come out for friendly fellowship, snacks, and
plenty of martin talk! Newbies also welcome!

-Saturday April 25th 10am-3pm, Blue Jay Point Park in Raleigh - the
NCPMS will have a booth set up to talk to parents and children about
martins and their conservation. Come out and see us!

Refurbished wooden martin house for sale- $35.00

posted Aug 4, 2014, 11:18 AM by ncpurplemartin   [ updated Jan 24, 2015, 11:31 AM ]

Jan 2015 - still available: A few months ago, a wooden martin house was donated to NCPMS.  It is now being offered for sale for $35.00 after being refurbished and updated. We are only asking for the cost of the materials to update it.  Use the Contact Us link to inquire. Note: this is a heavy house. Winch and cable system is recommended.

House info:
  • 4 Enlarged compartments (2 on each side), Approximately 5.8"x10.5" (old compartments were 5"x5")
  • House modified to raise and lower on a 2" round steel pole with winch/cable
  • Optional 10' pole and ground stake provided (free) or you can provide something taller (recommended height is 10-20 ft.).
  • Staggered entry to reduce porch domination issues, with starling-resistant entrance holes and porches
  • Removable subfloors and drainage/ventilation features
  • Access to each compartment for nestchecks and cleanouts via access caps on side of house
  • Thick, sturdy, insulating wood, painted with white elastomeric paint
  • Sturdy enough to add an L bracket to the bottom sides of the house and hang gourds.
  • Easy to add perching rods/dowels to porch area
  • Roof and house sections are still removable for maintenance at season end
If you do not currently have an active colony site, you may increase your chances of establishing nesting martins by adding gourds below this house as suggested above. Keep all other bird species out of martin housing!

Photos are below (click to enlarge):

Banding at University Club

posted Jun 10, 2014, 5:42 AM by ncpurplemartin

We will be banding martins out at University Club in Raleigh this Friday
June 13th from 1:30pm-4pm. Come out and join us if you are able to do so!

News and Observer does a story on the University Club colony

posted May 25, 2014, 8:33 AM by ncpurplemartin

We had a reporter out from the N&O a week ago, and he did a story on the University Club colony in Raleigh! It was on the front page of the Home and Garden section, dated May 24th. We hope it will raise awareness of purple martins. We have not seen a link for the story online, but here is a video that the reporter did as well:

Thanks to John Miller at the PMCA for making this happen!

Next NCPMS Meeting - August 2

posted May 24, 2014, 6:34 AM by ncpurplemartin

Our next NCPMS meeting will be at Riverbend Park in Catawba County on Saturday August 2nd at 1pm. Anyone is welcome to attend but we especially encourage those in the central/western part of the state to come - it would be great to meet all of you!

Bring pics of your colony site, even if you don't have martins yet!

New martin housing at Sugg Farm

posted Feb 26, 2014, 1:57 PM by ncpurplemartin

NCPMS is pleased to announce that the process of putting up new martin housing at Sugg Farm in Holly Springs is nearly complete. This site previously had martins but the old gourd rack was deemed unusable and was in poor condition. Funds were raised to put up a new gourd rack. This will be the latest public site the NCPMS will be managing in an effort to help educate the public about purple martins and to encourage the conservation of the species. Thank you to everyone who donated money and materials to this project!

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