About Me

I am originally from upstate New York, but I have spent many years living in Syracuse, NY for my bachelor's degree (Environmental Biology), San Luis Obispo, CA for my master's degree (Biology), and New Brunswick, NJ for my Ph.D. (Ecology & Evolution). My current research is in the field of physiological ecology where I focus on the inter-relationships between testosterone and other factors influencing ectoparasitism and growth in eastern fence lizards (Sceloporus undulatus). In addition to physiological ecology, my other area of expertise is herpetology and my studies over the years have involved reptiles such as anoles, Hog Island boa constrictors, and western fence lizards. Another passion of mine is teaching and education, something I take a lot of pride in as it is my career goal to become a university professor and further the education of others. Outside of academia my interests include hiking, herping, traveling, cooking, craft beer, movies, hockey, baseball, softball, and bowling. I particularly consider myself a big traveler and it is very important to me to continue traveling so I can continue grow as an individual, learn, and see the world that I am a part of. Joining me in my journey through these years are my Russian tortoise (Norman), bearded dragon (Fredrick), and Brazilian rainbow boa (Eliana).        

Lecturer of Anatomy & Physiology
University of Texas - Arlington
Department of Biology