NBA Picks and Parlays Money Back Guarantee

NBA Picks and Parlays Money Back Guarantee

Money Back NBA picks and parlays. Guaranteed winners or your money back. 63%+ record. There are hundreds of cappers and tipsters providing nba picks and parlays. The only problem: their nba picks and parlays number 5-8 a DAY! That means your bankroll would have to be $10k+ considering many of these handicappers charge $500/month+ (sometimes a week) for their picks.

I mean, when you're throwing out 5-8 picks and parlays a day you’re stretched very thin. One bad week, one bad month and all your profits are gone. Sports investing is not like FOREX, it require much more analysis and a conservative approach to profit month in, month out.


1 parlay pick a week. That’s right. Just 1. Odds of +100 (2.0) or better guaranteed. And to sweeten the deal, if the parlay/prediction fails…you get a full refund. That's right -our guaranteed nba picks, well all of our guaranteed picks come with a 100% money back guarantee.


If you’ve ever watched CBS, ESPN or any sports show you’ll know that there a million different stats: from shooting percentages, to assists, to average pitch speed. We’ve combined the most important statistics for every sport into one model (for the stats men or women out there, please refer to the poisson distribution model).

This enables us to drill down to and provide the best picks hands down. It works for MLB, NFL, college basketball, NBA, soccer and tennis. We analyse 50+ games a week and narrow it down to a 2 team parlay. Depending on the sport, this is occasionally expanded to a 3 team pick and parlay.


Every 12 weeks, we open up our doors to a few more clients. While 90% of our clients are experienced sports investors, we're always here to answer newbie questions about the different types of picks, how large your bankroll(investment) should be and any other industry related questions you may have.

And the #1 question all new clients ask is..? Are you legit?

Now, we could refer you to the video above from when we launched for the first time which is still the only video verified account which shows us going from a bankroll of $1500 to over $50,000 in 9 days. Or we could tell you about our years of experience and system based on over 15,000 games of data.

But that's not what we're about. We put our money where our mouth is -which is why we're the only advisers who offer a full money back guarantee on every. single. nba pick and parlay and weekly picks and parlays packages.

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Hot Picks and Parlays and Predictions

Our man the Joker aka Nikola Jokic keeps on keeping on. Arguably the best centre the game has seen since Wilt Chamberlain, the Serbian keeps knocking down double doubles and triple doubles like they were child's play. In fact, he's beaten the bookies in the over assists market in 8 out of his last 11 starts -an incredible 65% return overall for single unit players. Usually our nba picks and parlays revolve around the main betting markets, but so impressive has Jokic's form been that we have temporarily changed our strategy.

Speaking of taking the bookies to the cleaners, Novak Djokovic is 18-0 to start the 2020 season. And in 18 of those games he has cleared the line 14 times! While tennis isn't a favourite of ours as it is based on the binomial distribution instead of the poisson distribution model, Novak's dominant start to 2020 has made him a mainstay of our picks and parlays. FYI - we're fuming at Indian Wells organisers right now!

Join Our Expert Handicappers Team

If sports betting is part of your DNA, if you're an analytical Michelangelo, or if you simply have winning sports picks you'd like to share with the wider community and get paid for your work, then we want to hear from you. Like previous expert handicappers before you, your results and strategy will be scrutinised for 10-12 weeks before we welcome you aboard. But rest assured, not only will your sports picks generate you well earned capital, you will also get access to our own internal sports betting strategies and get picks to further your return. Think of it as a welcome bonus.

How We Are Committed To Improving During This Enforced Break: More Analysis, More Testing, More Simulations & More Profits

Members who have been with us for any length of time know that we are always testing new strategies, testing new markets and testing new data. Why? Because bookmakers are damn smart. They employ some of the brightest statistical minds to make sure handicappers like us can't take advantage of the odds that they set over the long run in various sports. This is why we are taking advantage of this enforced sports layoff to test a few more strategies. And as with all sports strategies, we will have video reviews of them all for free for you all so that we can continue to profit with a range of picks and parlays in the NBA, Soccer, and other sports.