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Science Olympiad-Division B

After school program by Navy Elementary school PTO


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State Tournament Name: 2020 State Tournament (UVA) State Tournament Date: 03/28/2020 Address: Thornton Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903 Directions:

Medals for Navy ES at Regional Competition:

Regional Results Regional Tournament Details

Samanvi Tummala and Hashmita Nittala- 1st place - Write it do it - Navy 2

Veda Murthy and Sirichandana Yakkala 3rd place - Heredity - Navy 1

Varun Dasari and Amogh Katiki- 3rd place - Ping Pong Parchute - Navy 1

Nikhil Dev and Raghav Kasi- 3rd Place - Ornithology - Navy 2

Rahul Dham and Vidhush Ganapathy- Meteorology - 4th place - Navy 1

Veera Chidanandan, Hashmita Nittala and Samanvi Tummala- Code Busters - 4th place - Navy 2

Rahul Dham and Vidhush Ganapathy- Machines - 5th plaçe - Navy 1

Rahul Dham, Vidhush Ganapathy and Ria Kumar -Code busters: 6th place - Navy 1

VASO Director Email:

I am delighted to tell you that Navy Elementary School has earned a spot at the State tournament (March 28 at UVA in Charlottesville).

Regional Results

Navy Elementary Science Olympiad State Team:


Samanvi Tummala

Hashmita Nittala

Veda Murthy

Sirichandana Yakkala

Varun Dasari

Amogh Katiki

Nikhil Dev

Raghav Kasi

Rahul Dham

Vidhush Ganapathy

Veera Chidanandan

Ria Kumar

Nicholas Flanigan

Amogh Kulkarni

Hamsini Katasini

Alternates: ( Alternate Events : Botany and Solar Power )

Alternates - If some one from the team could not make it to the event then alternates can step in. Also each alternate can participate in 1 Trial event. There are 2 trial events. You can win medals in Trial event, however it won't be counted towards the team total.

1st Alternate: Tanush Vuppula

2nd Alternate: Hasini Nandamandalam

3rd Alternate: Shaanvhi Jayaram

4th Alternate: Siddharth Pubbaraju

Event Selection State Team Rules:

  • If a child has won a medal at the regionals then they need to do the same event at States
  • If both kids has done an event at regionals ( but no medals ) and qualified for states preference is given to them for States. If they don't want to continue then it will be opened up for others.
  • Remaining events will be opened up for every one and we will try to give 2 preference of their choice including the medal won at regionals.

In case one of the team qualifies for states the below rules are taken in consideration for forming the State Team:

Here are the rules for qualifying to States Touranment.

  • We will combine both the teams if one of the teams qualify for states.
  • Only 15 members can go to the States Tournament
  • kids who have won medals will be qualified to be in the team ( since they are in top 6 )
  • To select the remaining members after top 6, each winning sub team member is given the total points depending on the positions in each of the 3 events. We will select the members who has the highest rankings. People who are doing 3 events are given extra points than people who are doing 1 or 2 events.

Definitions - SubTeam - Group of 2 or 3 kids participating in an event in either team.

Volunteers : Rayudu Subba, Jayaram Udayakumar, Indira Nittala, Pitchai Rajamani, Athammai Thiagarajan and Hareesh Yakkala.

Tournament Day volunteers do not need to have any special knowledge. They will be working as assistant proctors, timers, hospitality workers, etc. A tournament day shift is roughly 2 1/4 hours long and the volunteer can choose their shift. Tournament volunteers may not volunteer for an event in which their child is participating.

Coordinator/Coach: Rama Murthy. Any questions please send an email to or call/text 703-898-0114