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 Navigation Pack Including
    • Navigation Manager Launcher
    • AstroNavigation.  Celestial navigation app: Observed altitude. Sight reduction Celestial running fix, plot of the circles of equal altitude.
    • Nautical almanac Nautical almanac: Sun Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and navigational stars. Visible sky.
    • Lunar distance. Star-star distance.
    • Nautical astronomy Latitude by Polaris Noon sight Sun ex-merian sight Time sight for the Sun Latitude by the Sun´s Altitude and Time
    • Plotting of the circumferences of equal altitude
    • SAR search pattens
    • Chart Work Rhumb line, Great Circle, Composite sailing, Meridional parts. Lines of position Piloting - currents and coastal fix
    • Magnetic compass Magnetic variation WMM2015. Deviation curve of the magnetic compass. Course calculator
    • Tide interpolator
    • Meteorology Instrumentation: thermometer, barometer, dew point, apparent wind
    • Sexagesimal converter
    • Least Squares Polynomial Fit
    20180116 Navigational Algorithms.Setup 


    view CelNav  
    To be updated in 2018
    • Lunar Distances and Sextant calibration by star-star distance.
    Old user interface without plot ->
    • Chart Work pack:
      • Lines of position and GC sailing
      • Piloting - currents and coastal fix
      • SAR search pattens.

    view Chart Work
    view SAR

    SAR station acknowledgment

    Petit tutoriel de présentation du logiciel SARpattern
    Magnetic compass WMM2010Old  

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