Please have a look around to find out more about us, who we are and what we do. And if you’d like to visit in person, you’d be very welcome to join us for worship on a Sunday morning at 10.00am, followed by a cuppa in the hall.

We are a group of people of all ages, from Navenby and the surrounding villages, who have come to know Jesus, and who believe God is at work among us – even us! We don’t have all the answers – in fact we don’t even know all the questions – but we are exploring what it means to live our Christian faith in our daily lives, and to grow in that faith, going deeper into our relationship with God. We’re encouraging one another in Bible reading and reflection, learning to worship in varied ways, exploring ways of prayer, and learning to be open to what different people bring. It’s a journey of discovery – would you like to travel with us?

If you would like to knowmore  about us 

or discuss the arrangements for a wedding, baptism 

or funeral please contact our minister

        Deacon Helen Gardner                    01522  685226

or Church Steward

Trevor Sisson           01522 811291          email

or email navenbymethodist@gmail.com