Providence, RI / Saint Pete, FL

Mikhail is a machinic artist and engineer, using algorithm and mechanism to explore the nature of expressive systems, both natural and artificial. He designs custom software, and builds handcrafted electro-mechanical systems to uncover the hidden poetry of forces, ephemera, and sensations embedded all around us. Using electronic sensors, his works transform natural phenomena, such as wind and waves, into creative compositions of motion, light and sound.

His work has been shown in museums, galleries, space observatories and science centers in several around the world. He studied art and engineering, and holds an MFA from Digital + Media, at the Rhode Island School of Design.

  Selected Exhibitions

2019    Cyber-Physical Landscape Meow Wolf Area 15 Las Vegas, NV
2019    Soundform No.1, Ars Electronica
2018    Aquatic Lifeforms No.2 Biodesign : From Inspiration to Integration, Woods-Gerry Gallery Providence, RI
2018    Playform No.1 Currents New Media Festival El Museo Cultural Santa Fe, NM
2016    Waveform No.2 Granoff Center, Brown University Providence, RI
2015    Time Machine Gallery Exhibition The Wurks Providence, RI
2015    Displaced Seismic Rays v0.2 2015 RISCA Fellowship Exhibit Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery Newport, RI
2013    Sisyphus 2.0 Glory Road Grace Plaza NYC, NY
2013    Locus No. 1 Observatory Project Ladd Observatory Providence, RI
2013    Transit Room Transmission Observatory Project Ladd Observatory Providence, RI
2013    Sisyphus - N41.83893, W71.39911 Observatory Project Ladd Observatory Providence, RI
2013    Eye of Paradox Observatory Project Ladd Observatory Providence, RI
2012    Artifax The Annual Gladstone Hotel Toronto, CA
2012    Solar, Sonic Performance Pixilerations v.9 Martinos Auditorium, Brown Providence, RI
2012    Back to the Land, DeCordova Museum Lincoln, MA
2012    Sonic Wind Sculpture, Coastal Institute Narragansett, RI
2012    Video Sound Design When We Didn't Touch the Ground Cohen Gallery Providence, RI
2012    Musing Pool Mediated Realities Cohen Gallery Providence, RI
2011    Waveform No. 1 Ocean States Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery Newport, RI
2011    Time Machine no. 2 ICT Exhibition Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery Providence, RI
2011    Bamboo Forest Prints Woods-Gerry Summer Exhibition Woods-Gerry Gallery Providence, RI
2011    Cymatico Pixilerations 8 Sol Koffler Providence, RI
2011    Bamboo Forest Prints For Real, Digital + Media Exhibition Tompkins Projects Brooklyn
2011    Two Rivers RISD MFA Show Providence Convention Center Providence, RI
2011    Ear Lift Public Work Downtown Providence Providence, RI
2011    Seismic Tonal Shift no. 2 Festival of Art and Technology Granoff Center Providence, RI
2011    Time Machine no. 1 Digital Plastic Gelman Gallery Providence, RI
2011    Trace Memories, Granoff Center Providence, RI
2011    Seismic Tonal Shift no. 1 Sonic Flux Venture Building NYC, NY
2010    Interactive Video Wall 2010 World Expo Vogue Magazine Shanghai, CN
2010    Time and Tide Wait for No Man Pixilerations 7 Sol Koffler Providence, RI
2010    Quiet Space Digital + Media Biennial Sol Koffler Providence, RI
2009    Viewer Discretion The Exit Show Scarfone-Hartley Gallery Tampa, FL
2009    Circus - Animated Short MTV Connext Connext Project Clearwater, FL
2009    Video Chandelier Sensory Overload 3 Honey Pot Ybor City, FL
2008    The A2Z Project Noche de Arte The Cuban Club Ybor City, FL
2007    Multimedia Installation Heroes The Bank St. Pete, FL
2006    Sound Installation Sensory Overload 1 The Cuban Club St. Pete, FL

Berkeley, CA

Kuan-Ju Wu is interested in creating delightful interactions between humans, machines, and environments. He builds kinetic construction kits and tangible interfaces that borrow facets from the shapes and movements of nature, from the stories about the future machines, and the perceptual memories from our early childhood, those intuitive, rich and satisfying experiences. 

Kuan-Ju sees teaching as art. In addition to illustrating technical knowledge he enjoys engaging in the constructive thinking process with students. He has led courses and workshops at universities and communities in the topics such as Making Thing Interactive (CMU), Robotic Bug Workshop (Assemble Gallery), Drawing Machine (RISD), Sensor Driven Storytelling - Internet of Trees (RISD), Creative Programming and Electronics (UC Berkeley)

Kuan-Ju Wu received his Master’s in Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA and his Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. He currently serves as the Lab Manager at CITRIS Invention Lab and Instructor at Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation at UC Berkeley.

  Selected Exhibitions

2019    Natura Machina: Teenage Meadow, Creativity and Cognition, San Diego,USA
2018    Natura Machina: Newborn, Vibrant Matter: Artworks Refiguring Form, Los Angeles, USA
2018    Playform No.1 Currents New Media Festival El Museo Cultural Santa Fe, NM
2016    Waveform No.2 Granoff Center,  Brown University Providence, RI
2014    TOOL (Sketchbot), Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, New York City, USA
2011    Interacción I/O/I (GIFFI), Disseny Hub Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
2011    Three River Festival (PLUNKO), Assemble Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA
2011    Maker Faire Bay Area (GIFFI), San Mateo County Event Center, San Mateo, USA
2011    NY World Maker Faire Bay Area (Cutter), New York Hall of Science, New York, USA
2010    Digital Fabrication Final Show (Head Monster), Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA


Yasuaki Kakehi is a media artist and HCI researcher. He works as an Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo. He has created interactive works that augment our experiences in the physical environment through a combination of digital technologies and physical materials. Exhibiting his work and research results at ACM SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica Festival, YCAM and ICC he crosses over the boundaries between engineering, art and design. He was selected as a Young Scientist in World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016 and 2017. Yasuaki has been working as a member of the artist group “plaplax” and explores the possibility of media technology & art mainly in the commercial domain.

Selected Exhibitions

2019-20       Selected Exhibitions Coworo, Ars Electronica Center Exhibition, Linz, Austria
2019            Journey on the Tongue / (un)shaped / Soundform No1, Ars Electronica Festival 2019, Linz, Austria 
2019            Loopers, Art Rock Festival 2019 Exhibition, Saint-Brieuc, France 
2019            Anima, 28th WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland 
2018            Heteroweave / Anima, Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Linz, Austria 
2017            (author)rise, Ars Electronica Festival 2017, Linz, Austria 
2017            Bellieswave, SXSW2017 TradeShow 
2016            microcosm / Phytowalkers / Single-Stroke Structures / Loopers, Ars Electronica Festival 2016, Linz, Austria 
2016            lapillus bug, EARTH LAB – Artists as Catalysts, Red October chocolate factory, Moscow, Russia 
2015-16       lapillus bug, MATERIA PRIMA Exhibition, LABoral, Gijon, Spain
2015            Transmart miniascape, Ars Electronica Festival 2015, Linz, Austria 
2014            lapillus bug, Ars Electronica Festival 2014,Linz, Austria 
2014-15      HABILITATE, ICC OpenSpace, Tokyo
2010            hanahanahana, ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Art Gallery 
2008            Tablescape Plus, Ars Electronica Festival Campus Exhibition,Linz, Austria 
2007            hanahana, Ars Electronica Center Exhibition 2007,Linz, Austria

Selected Awards

STARTS PRIZE 2019 Nomination (2019)
Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, Jury Selection (2019)
Japan Media Arts Festival, Entertainment Division, Jury Selection (2019)
YouFab Global Creative Award Nomination(2019)
ACM DIS2019 Best Paper Award (2019)
ACM UIST2017 Honorable Mention(2017)
ACM CHI2017 Best Paper Award(2017)
The Young Scientists' Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2015)
Good Design Award Best100 (2012)
2010 Asia Digital Art Award, Interactive Art Division (2011)
Good Design Award (2008)
Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, Jury Selection (2007)
Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, Jury Selection (2005)
ACM ACE2005 Best Demo Award(2005)
ACM ACE2005 Excellent Paper Commendations(2005)

Berkeley, CA

Adam Hutz is a lecturer for UC Berkeley's School of Information and the Jacobs Institute for Design and Innovation, teaching courses in product development, HCI, and tangible user interfaces. Outside of teaching, his interests include generating affect around mechanical systems--i.e. "giving robots personality"--prosthetics, animatronics, inclusive design, virtual world-production, and the digitization of the real and realization of the digital.

2019    Artist's assistant for Asma Kazmi's Sanctuary City, multimedia VR installation, San Francisco, USA.
2018    Artist's
assistant for Asma Kazmi's Cranes and Cube, multimedia VR installation, San Jose, USA. 
2017    "The languages of making - Five questions with Adam Hutz” - Interview, Medium 
2017    Panelist at Maker Faire, San Mateo: “Exploring the role of universities in maker culture and education."
2017    Big Ideas finalist - “Personnelevator,” a portable scissor lift for individuals with vertical mobility impairments
2015    Maker Faire DC, presenting “HugWear,” an animatronic wearable pet designed to reduce anxiety in children with autism and ADHD