Scott R. Abella, PhD, Owner and Ecologist,
 Natural Resource Conservation LLC,
 1400 Colorado Street, Boulder City, Nevada 89005  USA,
 abellaNRC[at]    Bio and publications 

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Company profile:,
This unique company provides knowledge services for effective natural resource management.  The company's founder and
owner, Scott Abella, offers decades of  experience blending rigorous science with practical, on-the-ground  conservation actions.   
He has over 110 scientific publications, 48 outreach articles, 145 conference/invited presentations, and 47 media appearances. 
Funded project experience ranges from Kuwaiti deserts to a variety of North American forests, prairies, and deserts.
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The company has been requested for numerous projects directly supporting land management and conservation action. 
Recent funding partners have included the Toledo Ohio Metroparks, Industrial Economics, Inc.,The Nature Conservancy, Kuwait Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, Northern Arizona University-Ecological Restoration Institute, NewFields Environmental, Clark County Wetlands Park, the Desert Tortoise Council, and Inyo County (California). 

We always welcome opportunities to discuss potential collaborations on productive projects mutually beneficial.

Expertise in:
ecological restoration, fire management, invasive species management, forest health, and monitoring design and data analysis

Revegetation and restoration
  • Identify effective plant materials
  • Soil stabilization and restoration technique assessment
  • Restoration plan development
  • Restoration of renewable energy disturbances
  • Restoration of pipeline corridors
  • Restoration of highway right of way and construction
  • Biological soil crusts/soil development
  • Restoration monitoring
  • Dendroecology and tree-ring analysis
  • Wildland fuel and fire management
  • Fire effects monitoring
  • Post-fire restoration planning and treatment development
  • Fuel reduction and restoration planning
  • BAER planning
Invasive species management
  • Development and testing of control techniques
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Invasive plant planning
  • Forest pest management planning

Ecological assessments and site typing
  • Land and resource classification techniques
  • Uses of existing and new systems
  • Field data collection and analysis

Forest health and conservation
  • Forest fire and fuel management
  • Syntheses of forest pests/diseases, their effects and management
  • Forest utilization and protection planning
  • Diversification of forest plantations

Soil potential and assessment
  • Uses of soil surveys and other soil information
  • Guidance on soil testing and capability

Landscape conservation and restoration planning
  • Vegetation inventory, community classification and analysis

Monitoring planning and design
  • Development of rigorous environmental monitoring
  • Sampling design

Data synthesis and statistical analysis
  • Focused syntheses of current interest in resource management
  • Analysis and interpretation of data sets (including multivariate)