Brief Information

Current Position

I am a research scientist at Inria Paris in the team MAMBA (Modeling and Analysis for Medical and Biological Applications) and at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory at Paris 6 University.

Research Interests

  • Social Dynamics models: study of coordinated collective behavior; mean-field limit as the number of particle tends to infinity; influence of the state space and of the network on the behavior of the system; opinion dynamics on Riemannian manifolds; optimal control; mean-field games. 
  • Heat Equation on time-evolving Riemannian manifolds; coupling between diffusion and growth; existence and uniqueness to the transport-diffusion equation.
  • PDE models for biological systems
  • Optimal control


Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Sorbonne University (Paris 6)
4, Place Jussieu, 
75005 Paris, France

Office: 16-26-331
Phone: +33 1 44 27 40 99
Email: nastassia{dot}pouradierduteil{at}