I am currently 
a PhD Candidate in mathematics at Princeton University. My research lies in combinatorics, random matrix theory and number theory.  See Publications, or the Conferences for more details.

Contact Information:
You can reach me at naslund [at] princeton [dot] edu 

I am a PhD student in mathematics at Princeton University advised by Peter Sarnak. For the 2015 and 2017 summer, I interned at MSR New England working with Henry Cohn. 
I spent the 2015-2016 academic year in Oxford, UK, under the supervision of Ben Green.
In May 2013 I graduated from the honors mathematics program at the University of British Columbia, and for the 2011-2012 academic year I studied at École Polytechnique in France as part of their international exchange program. To find out about my work, take a look at the Research Tab, or my arXiv page.  To see where I have been, take a look at my Talks and Conferences Page.

As undergraduate, I interviewed two alumni for the UBC Mathematics Newsletter.  For the 2010 UBC Mathematics Newsletter, I interviewed David Cheriton, and the transcribed interview can be found here.   For the 2011 UBC Mathematics NewsletterI interviewed Richard Lee, and the transcribed interview can be found here.

Online, I frequently participate on Math Stack Exchange, and Math Overflow. Take a look at some of my favorite answers I have written on each of the sites - Math Stack Exchange: MSE 1MSE 2MSE 3, MSE 4 - Math Overflow: MO 1MO 2MO 3.