What we offer - Dogs



We offer very special luxury kennels with a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere where the care and welfare of our dog guests is of prime importance.


We are set on a quiet and tranquil family run farm in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

We have safe secure paddocks where we play and interact with our guests off lead and with plenty of room to run in absolute safety.

With the family living on site we have constant eyes and ears on the premises so care, safety and security is assured.


Our kennels are award-winning luxury holiday homes for your treasured friends. 


Everything is included; just bring your pet and their up-to-date vaccination card (plus any specific toys/bedding).  

Our luxury kennels:

Our exclusive Cwtch hotel for our smaller guests with TV and comfortable suites with stunning 'views' on their walls for them look at:


The suite 'views' they can choose from:


Preseli Suite                           Barafundle Suite                              Gwaun  Suite



Rosebush Suite                             Freshwater Suite                             Llangwn Suite

Whilst staying our guests can expect the following:

We are happy to house friends from the same home together.


We feed Wagg dried dog food as standard.  If your pet has a specific diet which you wish to provide, we are happy to feed that.


We do have freezer space if any food you provide is frozen.


All customers must produce a fully up-to-date vaccination certificate for their dog/s. The certificate must show that they have been immunized against Kennel Cough as well as the standard immunisations. Booster vaccinations must have been administered within the preceding 12 months.

Please see our Booking or Contacts page for further information or call Julie on H: 01646 600309 or M: 07989 109099

 All images are copyrighted to Julie Ayers, Nash Mountain Farm