Welcome to my webpage. I am a Reader in Experimental Pragmatics at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics of the University of Cambridge. To visit some of my other webpages, click here, here, or here for the subject page on Linguistics at Trinity College, where I am Director of Studies.

I am interested in how we learn and process the meaning of words and sentences. I am part of an informal group of researchers who work in experimental semantics & pragmatics, the intersection of linguistics and psychology that studies meaning and its representation in the mind.

I take part in public engagement events and I enjoy explaining why linguistics is a fascinating topic - here's what I had to say on Radio Cambridgeshire when North Korea banned sarcasm.

Also, I think it is important to communicate research findings to the professionals that can make best use of them in practice, in education and mental health - something that my colleagues and I do thanks to the Cambridge Bilingualism Network.

In the rest of this site you can find a list of my papers and projects, as well as information about the courses that I teach and topics I supervise students on.