Naonori Nagaya

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I am an associate professor and the chair of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), where I have been on faculty since 2019. I am also an editor of the journal Gengo Kenkyū, the flagship journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan, an HMC Fellow at the LIXIL Ushioda East Asian Humanities Initiative, and the 2021 Br Andrew Gonzalez FSC Distinguished Professorial Chair in Linguistics and Language Education, Linguistic Society of the Philippines. My name is written in kanji as 長屋 尚典.

I completed my undergraduate and master's studies at the University of Tokyo, receiving a BA and MLitt in linguistics. I then began my graduate work in the Department of Linguistics at Rice University, where I earned an MA in 2010 and a PhD in 2011. Before joining UTokyo as a faculty member, I taught Filipino/Tagalog and linguistics at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies from 2013–2019.


I am a linguist specializing in Austronesian languages of the Philippines and Indonesia. My research interests lie in morphosyntax, linguistic typology, language change, and constructionist approaches to language. I have been working on a variety of morphosyntactic and discourse phenomena in Tagalog (Philippines) and Lamaholot (eastern Indonesia), including voice, argument structure, information structure, relativization/nominalization, word classes, spatial expressions, and discourse particles.

A list of selected publications is available in the Publications page. To download my papers, please visit my ResearchGate/ page. Click here for my researchmap page, where you can find a more accurate CV and a complete list of publications and presentations in Japanese.

Follow me on Twitter at @NoriNagaya to check announcements and updates about my research.

UTokyo Linguistics Colloquium

My students and I host the UTokyo Linguistics Colloquium, which is a lecture series on any topic of linguistic research. Information about the Colloquium will be posted on my Twitter account, too.

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