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NAG Notifier is an easy to use application for TeacherEase that notifies you of new grades, assignments, and missing homework on TeacherEase.

NAG Notifier is completely free and will remain free, and securely handles your account information.  Every hour (adjustable), it checks and downloads the newest grades, assignments, and missing homework for your student.

You can access your assignments when you are disconnected from the Internet, get notified with a color-coded popup when your grades change, see if you forgot to turn in that 100 point essay, and organize the assignment list by date due, subject, assignment, and more (see the tutorial for detail).
(NAG stands for New Assignments and Grades)
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NAG Notifier is licensed under the General Public License 3.0.  Source code is not online for the moment, contact Support for it.  NAG Notifier is not affiliated with TeacherEase in any way and the TeacherEase logo and name are copyright Common Goal Systems.