Truck Driver Agency services from

We want to know what moves truck drivers.

Each one we meet.

One driver at a time.

Our Driver Agency services (provided by humans at Diablo Convoy) are offered on an invitation basis, and we want to know an additional three obvious things:

1. Is a commercial driver open to making a change of employers today?

2. What factors, in total, would cause that driver to welcome a new offer of employment?

3. If that new offer of employment was delivered, would the driver commit to the change?

Our Agency Services aim to confidentially introduce solid commercial driver candidates to companies that have agreed to meet the requirements for each candidate, on a one to one basis. There is no charge to drivers or carriers for this service, and, in trade, we expect a high degree of integrity from both sides in this set of conversations.

If you would like to participate with us, send me a note at

Diablo Convoy is the human service bureau behind the website and data services at Boutique recruiters in the transportation business, providing contract to perm placement, Diablo Convoy develops lasting relationships to benefit employers and drivers.

Stan Johnsen