The first meeting of 2020 was called to order by President

Donn Ebert.

Officers in attendance:

President: Donn Ebert

Treasurer: Joe Russell

Secretary: Dan Schwietering

The total number of members in attendance was 15.

The total number of dues paid members for the 2020 year is

11 paid up members.

Treasurer's report: Joe Russell reported that the club had a

bank balance of $1516.25. This does not include recent

2020 membership payments.

The club had one visitor, John Angus. He is a recent

transplant from Bloomsburg, PA.

Old Business:

There is no news on the Senior Center's decision about after

hours meetings.

Several groups have already moved to other venues,

A founding member of the stamp club passed away on Dec.

26th, 2019. Henry Gast, will be sorely missed. A memorial

service will be held at " Our Lady Star Of The Sea " at 11:00

A.M. on January, 18th 2020.

Nine members attended the Club's Christmas dinner and all

attendees were pleased.

New Business:

There was no new business discussed.

Information Updates:

The Stamp Show is on for Feb. 8th-9th 2020.

It will be held at the Riverwalk Inn.

Staybridge Inn will house the dealers and guests.

Lunch will be provided by the Boathouse Restaurant

The show has about 10 dealers.

The club has a signed contract from the hotel for the event.

1,100 flyers have been sent out.

Donn Ebert was also interviewed about the show by the

Carolina Forest Chronicle.

If you have stamps to sell, remember that dealers havei

the right of " first refusal."

Any sale of items between two collectors must be done

outside the venue.

There will be door prizes.

On March 3rd the yearly 100 lot auction will be held by

Scott Van Pelt.

Each member can submit up to 10 lots.

However, Scott needs a list of the lots each member has

for auction before the meeting in Feb.

The members are asked to briefly describe each lot and

submit a realistic bid to start with.

Extra copies of the list of lots will be provided at the

meeting and on the website.

Members are asked to arrive early so they may view the


The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 P.M. by Donn Ebert.

Memorial Service for Henry Gast

Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 11 AM

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

1100 8th Avenue North (on Hwy, 17 just before Cherry Grove as you travel north)

North Myrtle Beach