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                                                                                                          Chapter # 1455-172827


The FIRST TUESDAY of each month,

at 7 p.m. sharp (sometimes)


1268 21st Avenue North

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Programs vary: Member Presentations, Slide Shows, Auctions, Bourses, etc.

A Bit of History...

 The original Myrtle Beach Stamp club began way back in 1963. when a group of fuddy-duddies, with an interest in those colorful bits of paper stuck in the upper right corner of envelopes, decided to meet once a month to promote their avocation. But, through lack of interest and attrition, the club disbanded. In 1990 a few collectors re-started the club, which has grown over the years to its present roster. We aren't really fuddy-duddies, we are just a bunch of people who enjoy a little relaxation in amassing, selecting, accumulating and collecting just the stamps and covers that will bring our collections a bit closer to that unattainable goal -- completeness.

Most people, at one time or another, have had an interest in stamp collecting. Perhaps you have maintained that interest over the years. Or, perhaps you lost interest some time back, as family responsibilities took up most of your time; and now you would like to resume the philatelic hobby. Whether you are an expert or a novice (our membership includes both types, and everything in between), we would be pleased to welcome you at a meeting -- we hope that you will become a member. This is a tourist area; while most of our members live here year-round, we have members who spend only part of the year here. If you are either a full-time resident or a seasonal visitor, COME ON DOWN to a meeting. We have both ladies and gentlemen among our members. If you are one of either of these persuasions, COME ON DOWN to a meeting.

Annual dues are $10 -- very cheap!! -- entitling you to an informative news letter mailed to your home each month (or instantaneously distributed via this website)  and access to our vast library of philatelic materials (check out Our Library). You may borrow the latest catalogs for a month at a time.