Exhibition "The Dunes and Music", Blankstein Art gallery, Winnipeg, Canada, Nov 2015

MW in Florida: soundtrack from song "How Many Days"

Reading the World Through Music @ Millennium Library

Concert in the Ruins Aug 01, 2014 (photos by Monica Kaplun and Marina Lisak)

Photo session for video "LOVE" with Winnipeg artist Wanda Luna

photos by Igor Kornilov (

GRATUS Fest, July 12, 2013

photos by Doug Kretchmer

Video shooting for song "LOVE", June, 2013

photos by Igor Kornilov & Larisa Segida

"MW" Graffiti Gallery Concert, Nov 24, 2012.

Photos by Angela and Jason Gaune

Jason Gaune: "Here are some photos we took for the fab musical ensemble, MoscoWinnipeg, at their recent show at the Graffiti Art Gallery. As you can see, the venue (and sculptures) made a formidable backdrop to the beautiful music. I hate to compare these artists to others, especially since I am not even close to a music journalist of any sort AND they definitely have a unique sound.... but I think it's safe to say that if you like unique artists with unique instrumentation and poetry (such as pj harvey and bjork) you'll be sorry to miss out on these local artists. They've got some very creative instrumentation going on, several of which were hand-made, as well as an accompanying dancer for a few of the songs."

"MW" in Medea gallery within Culture Days Manitoba, Sep 28, 2012

Photos by GAUNE STUDIOS photography