SAINT PATRICK'S OLD CATHEDRAL, the original Saint Patrick's in New York, was designed in 1809-1815 by architect Joseph Francois Mangrin, who also designed City Hall.  Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the City.  It is located in the East Village between Mott and Mulberry Streets.  This neighborhood was so wild when the Cathedral was first built that foxes were often caught inside.  The interior shots of the baptism scene in The Godfather were filmed at Old Saint Patrick's.  

In 1879 the new SAINT PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL (bottom photo) was dedicated (at Fifth Avenue between 50th & 51st Streets).  Construction of the cathedral took longer than first planned partially because it was interrupted during the Civil War.  The cathedral's spires were not finished until 1888.  The new St. Patrick’s design is a Gothic-style by James Renwick, Jr., who was influenced by the design of the Cologne Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful.  It is the largest Catholic cathedral in America.