Resources for Chemistry Classes (currently linking and then organizing)

There aren't any homework assignments here since I used the Quest system since it graded it for me 😁

I normally started the school year with lab safety, lab equipment, burning of steel wool and measurements.

Lab Equipment - Google Slides of the equipment they need to know (set up so they can quiz themselves if presented)

Working on some animated GIFs for the equipment: 

Graduated Cylinder     Beaker Tongs    Crucible and Cover    Evaporating Dish    Dissolving Substance    Using Volumetric     Lewis Dot Reaction

** Equipment Matching : Google Slide - created background in Drawings, download as png, add as background to Slide

Downloaded equipment from then I saved as PNG files

Created a glide app for equipment and equipment use 

** Equipment - Quiz Yourself : Self-assessing Google Sheet

Scientific Measurement - Google Slides for Scientific Measurements topic

** Significant Figures : Self-assessing Google Sheet

Significant Digit - Concept Build from the Physics Classroom

** Density Problems : Self-assessing Google Sheet

Intro to Chem - Google Slides for Intro to Chemistry

Atomic Structure - Google Slides for Atoms discussion

Intro this section with Build An Atom - Simulation from PhET & this Google Form (you can make it a quiz/add points)

Isotopes - Concept Build from the Physics Classroom

** Hyphen and Nuclear Notation Practice : Self-assessing Google Sheet (EquatIO was used to enter Chemical Symbol)

Nuclear Chemistry - Google Slides for Radiation discussion

** Alpha and Beta Decay Practice :  Self-assessing Google Sheet (rectangular squares are composed of 3 cells)

Electrons - Google Slides for Electrons discussion

Orbital Notation - Google Slides for first 36 elements

Animated GIFs for Orbital Notations

** Electron Configuration : Self-assessing Google Sheet

Quantum Numbers - Google Slides for Quantum number discussion

Waves - Google Slides for Waves, Light and Photons discussion (doesn't look that great)

** Calculating Wavelength and Frequency : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Calculating Wavelength, Frequency and Energy : Self-assessing Google Sheet

-- Since electrons had just been covered, Lewis Dot Structures for ionic and covalent are covered next , just lots of drawings  :-D --

The Periodic Table - Google Slides for Periodic Table discussion

     I like using 2 Flash animations with this discussion. Check how you can use these animations, Periodic  Trends, in this folder

Compounds - Google Slides for Compound/Bonding discussion

** Ion Randomizer Activity : Sheet for Formulas (EquatIO can be used to insert formulas with subscripts)

Chemical Equations - Google Slides for Writing Equations discussion

** Balancing Equations : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Simple Mole Conversions Practice : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Mole Conversions Cont. : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Percent by Mass Problems : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Determining Percent by Mass and Empirical/Molecular Formulas : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Stoichiometry - Mass to Mass Practice : Self-assessing Google Sheet

** Boyle's/Charles' Gas Laws Practice : Self-assessing Google Sheet

Please try them out first. Just in case I have any errors :-)

** I normally assigned these through Google Classroom to easily make copies for each student.

Some of the files use the Texthelp extension EquatIO. If you wish to modify them, go to this website and sign up for the free teacher version.

Some of the links provides are from the Physics Classroom Concept Builder section : 

Also have links from PhET : 

Created some 3D models using Tinkercad and stored at Sketchfab :