UALC Geospatial Discovery Task Force

Charge for the Task Force:

The Geospatial Discovery Task Force of the Digitization Committee of the Utah Academic Library Consortium is an ad hoc committee whose charge is as follows:   

1.       Identify existing geospatial metadata practices used by Mountain West Digital Library (MWDL) partners and other digital libraries, as well as other disciplines and organizations.

  • Identify areas for potential development and improvement (e.g., key issues and problems)

  • Identify easily achievable practices that MWDL partners can implement in the interim before a final recommendation is made.

  • Identify examples of map-based search Interfaces, successful and unsuccessful

2.       Develop guidelines for MWDL partners to use in standardizing metadata practices to optimize geographically-based discovery of digital resources.

  • Suggest steps for addressing key issues and problems

  • Recommend revisions to the MWDL Dublin Core Application profile to accommodate geospatial metadata

3.       Develop recommendations and instructions for creating map-based search interfaces or augmenting existing interfaces with map-based search functionality.

4.       Identify and share tools related to geospatial metadata and the creation of map-based search interfaces.

5. Create the following deliverables:

  • An online bibliography of resources

  • Guidelines for MWDL geospatial metadata practices

  • Recommendations & instructions for creating map-based search interfaces or search functionality

  • Final report on the task force’s activities, findings, and recommendations.   


Liz Woolcott
Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services
Utah State University
Merrill–Cazier Library

Kristen Jensen
Electronic Business Project Manager
Utah Department of Heritage and Arts