21st Century Stuff

Well, technically we're 15 years into the new century. But I can't tell you how many firehouse I visit that still complete the daily work using a pen and paper.

It's not so much that it's done on paper, but where does that paper go?

Wouldn't it be nice to have these forms on your phone or tablet? Wouldn't it be nice to have user friendly data entry? And imagine if you could take all this daily data and merge it into your current RMS?

We have a solution. Custom apps that can replace paper. We have currently designed apps that can track the following activities:

  • Daily Apparatus Checks

  • Hose Testing

  • Ladder Inspection

  • Pre-fire Plans

  • Rope Inspection

  • SCBA Checks

  • SCBA Bottle Fill Log

  • Weekly Apparatus Checks

We're not bashing any RMS software. We just understand how cost prohibitive some options can be.

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