EE328 Power Electronics

EES427 Electric Drives

EES433 Renewable Energy Sources

EE400 Undergraduate Thesis

EEE309 Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles I (KCU)

EE303 Microelectronics Circuits 1 (Not active)

EE304 Microelectronics Circuits 2 (Not active)

EE132 Logic Circuits (Not active)

EE117 Computer Aided Technical Drawing (Not active)


EE 544 Switching Power Supplies

EE 546 Dynamics and Control of Power Converters

EE 518 Power Conversion and Control in Photovoltaic Systems (Ozyegin University)

EE 569 Electric Motor Drives (Ozyegin University)

EE 593 Power Electronics (Ozyegin University)

EE 649 Resonant and Soft-switching Technics in Power Electronics

EE 630 VSI, CSI and PWM Inverters

GEE 591 Photovoltaic systems (Ege University, Solar Energy Institute)

GEE 514 Automatic Control in Solar Energy Systems (Ege University, Solar Energy Institute)

MEC 512 Microcontroller Applications in Mechatronics (9 Eylul University, Mechatronics Engineering )