The House of War ( Dar al Harb )

Islamic "Dar al Islam" vs "Dar al Harb"

Islamic ideology divides the world into two spheres. These spheres are called the House of Submission and the House of War.

The House of Submission (in arabic, dar al-islam, دار الاسلام) are the lands under muslim control. Ideally, from the perspective of real muslim's, the House of Submission includes those areas where Sharia law (شريعة) is the law of the land. Where Sharia law is implemented people literally live in submission to the teachings of Muhammed by imitate and follow Muhammad's fascist orders in the Quran,Hadith and Sira.

The goal of the only true islam and muslim's is to bring the entire world system into submission through the fascistically teachings of Muhammed. This includes muslim dominated areas too. One reason why the real muslims fight against seemingly other muslim leaders, is because of the their leaders failure to implement Sharia law to the fullest extent possible.

The outside world or the western world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the "House of War," (in arabic, dar al-harb, دار الحرب) and is strictly speaking in a perpetual state of jihad, of holy war ,with non-muslims(Kafirs or infidel's) until Sharia is imposed by the law.

In practice for over 1400 years both these houses, the "House of Submission" and the "House of War" have been messed houses of hate,killings,suppression and fascism, since the Sharia laws which is built on the Quran are totally opposite democracy,freedom of speech or other western human rights and values built on Christianity.

The little part of religion and faith there is in the Quran (about 10%) are the only foundation that holds up the rest of the ideological political Quran(about 90%) which is totally permeated with order how to subjugate Kafirs(non-muslims) in constant war(Jihad) by hating, killing,murdering, lying persuasion, deceiving,suppressing, humiliate and mutilating etc.

The islamic Sharia laws which is built on these ideological and political order's in the Quran are even controlling every part of the muslim daily life. It has its own laws,their own political system,their own economic system,their own Halal food program, their own social rules,their own military parts and their own religion etc.

These are the ideological fascist orders from the Quran that all muslim is obliged to enforce on themselves and others, but since these fascist laws are totally inhuman and opposite to the human rights and humaneness, we constantly see muslims killing and fighting against each others and their own leadership.

And when the muslims are not fighting themself or suppressing and killing the last part of their remaing kafirs(non-muslims) in their own islamic country, they emigrate to western and Kafir(non-muslim) countrys or areas, stated as "House of War" where they want to force their Sharia laws on western's people by using their smart lying,deceiving and infiltration tactics that the islamic ideology has been using for the last 1400 years.

Most or all of the muslims that are coming into the western world and claims they are political refugees or immigrants running from wars or suppression enforced upon themselfs and still dont want to leave islam are either threatened by other muslim's to become killed for apostasy(leaving islam) or they are true muslim carrying out the obliged orders from Quran. The results are the same.
Reggardless of what a muslim do.  If a muslim is diligent with their duties or not. They will represent Islam, and they will be ambassadors for their children and other people who would call themselves true muslims and who will interpret the Quran and its orders literally and make our western country unsafe by threatening,suppressing, creating fear and by prosecuting our Kafir(non-muslim) childrens.

The political fascist ideology of islam has even built-in high childbirth statistics, that already shows that they could be able to rule and take political power in many of our western country's in only a 50 years time.

This war that muslims impose on us has many battlefield,s, so many still do not see. On internet, in politics, in journalism, in court, in social rules, in food, in drugs, in crime, rape,polygamy,pedophilia and many others. Only creativity from muslim to use the lying,deceiving and illusion tactics from Quran will set the standard for how fast our safe and structured society with human right, democracy and freedom of speech will survive under the naivety  of our mentally retarded political leaders that already have been deceived over and over again, and will continue to be deceived in the future.

This war is waged primarily by the infiltration of political organizations and parties. Journalistic media, and other power institutions etc. But also to a large extent by riots, threats, crime, sedition and incitement to hatred campaigns done by recruiting from criminal immigrant groups etc. Multi Cultural activism is muslims and Islam's best friend.

House of Submission (Dar al-Islam) and "House of War" (Dar al-Harb) was put into the system as a so-called anchor-known imam by the name "Abu Hanifa" lived around 699 to 767 AD (Our Era). This was only approx. 67 years after the founders of Islam, Muhammad's death.

P Robertson: Islam is a relgion, but a political ideology

P Robertson: Islam er ikke en relgion, men en politisk ideologi

Islam treats and defines  Western countries as war zones

Islam behandler vestlige land som krigsområder

The muslim "Mohyeldeen Mohammad" acknowledges that Islam sees the segregation or separation between Muslims and infidels (non Muslims) as the only solution when Islam looks at Norway and other western as war zones because the infidel and Western countries must be combated as Islam has done every day in 1400 year:

Dar al-harb(krigsområde) og Dar al-Islam(islam underlagt område) presentert for Norge

The House of War:

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