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Musk MIDI Player: Your instant MIDI player - just add sounds and MIDI files!

* Load any MIDI file and sound library (a small General MIDI sound font is included)

* Play MIDI files up to 8 times slower or faster

* Follow the MIDI notes on the keyboard and distinguish different MIDI channels

* Read along the lyrics

* Let the app speak the lyrics during playback (requires the iOS 7 voices)

* Let the app announce the bar and beat numbers. So you can easier follow the notes in a printed score.

* Mute or solo tracks or use them to navigate

* Use automatic sound switching or customize the sound associated with each MIDI channel.

* Mix with the original sound (iOS8).


* Jump to a specific position using a slider

* To jump back to that position using the repeat button

* Jump to the position of certain meta-events (lyrics, markers, time signature, key signature and tempo changes)

Supported file formats and extensions:

* MIDI (mid, midi)

* MIDI karaoke (kar)

* Sound fonts (sf2)

* Downloadable Sounds (dls)

* Logic Pro EXS-24 instrument files (exs)

* Audio Unit Presets (aupreset)

* Zip files (zip)

Importing files via:

* ITunes: transmission via Mac or PC

* ICloud: synchronizes the data on all your Apple devices. (Network connection required)

* Other Apps from the manufacturer this app: All of his apps access to the same iCloud directory. (No network connection required)

* Safari: search for a website that offers SoundFonts. Click on the file. Wait until it is downloaded. Then select this app in the "Open In" dialog.

* Mail: Select the attachment and select this app in the "Open In" dialog.

* Other apps: use the "Open In" dialog. (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive)

Inter-App-Audio and AudioBus support:

You can use the audio output of the app in other apps:

* Record the mixed-down audio output in Garageband, AudioShare or other apps.

* Add sound effects in GarageBand, VoiceSynth or other apps.


* Speech output can not be sent to other apps.

* Which app combinations are possible depends on Your hardware and Your sound fonts.

* Playing MIDI files with many notes per second can push older devices to their limits. When you hear a scraping noise, try lowering the playback rate.

Have fun!