Teaching Philosophy

Doug Medley loves to play and teach music.  It's fun and rewarding for him to see and hear his students play tunes by ear, without reading musical notation.  It's the traditional way of passing on songs, melodies and tunes.  What counts for Doug is that the student can play from the heart ... fiddle tune after fiddle tune drawn from the memory.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't.  Essentially after learning a tune, if you can remember how to start it out, then the rest of the song just spills out with little effort. It's like riding a bicycle and once you know the tune you'll never forget it.  You may not remember how to start the melody or that you even know a particular tune, but as soon as you hear it, you can play along and it's fun!

Video and Audio Record Lessons

As a teaching aid, portions of the lessons are often video recorded on your camera or on DVD for the student to take home and practice to. Segments of new tunes can be practiced over and over along with  the video recording.  It's like having a teacher at home to practice with you each day.

Reading Music

Reading is a powerful tool, yet it can stand in the way of performing and remembering tunes.  Doug believes in using the best of both worlds - the ability to read music and the gift of playing tunes by ear.

Writing Music
Learning to read music is a good skill to have. It is also important for the student to be able to write down music notation from the tunes they learn by ear. This helps them to take ownership of the process of reading notes and understanding the source of musical notation.

Bowing the Strings
Bowing the strings is a matter of listening to the sound and making the necessary adjustments to improve the sound until it is satisfactory.  A simple feed back loop that becomes automatic and always turned on.

All ages
Students, ages 5 to 60 can learn to play fiddle tunes in 10 lessons. The key is tapping into the minds ability to get the finger on the violin finger board in order to play the note you hear in your head.  It's not so hard to do and a lot of fun when you make the connection.