Welcome to Our  

45th Annual  

 Lac La Biche & Districts Festival!

April 10, 2018– April 28, 2018
Entry Deadline: February 23rd  
Final Concerts: May 2nd @ Portage College and 3rd @ Aurora Middle School 
Final Programs are up in Forms. 
Piano April 27th and 28th  
Speech: April 10,11,12,13,
Instrumental: April 16,17,18,19
Vocal: April 23,24,25,26

Please see FORMS tab for more details on dates 

OUR MISSION: To promote and encourage students of all ages to participate in various art forms, while providing them constructive feedback from experienced adjudicators.

 We are currently seeking volunteers to join our committee, if you are able to help out in any way, please contact any of our members. 
Thank you!!

Thank you to our dedicated supporters for their donations new supporters are encouraged!