The Murray Lab at Southeastern Louisiana University

We are primarily focused on the physiological ecology of vertebrates in temperate, Neotropical and subtropical coastal wetlands. Our questions address how the physiology of individuals alters relevant population or community ecology. Recent research addresses the interactions among aquaculture practices, crocodile sex ratio biases, and endocrine disrupting compounds in Costa Rica.  Our research themes include physiological ecology that tends to incorporate population ecology, endocrinology, sex determination, stress physiology, and reproductive ecology. 

Further, we are interested in diagnostic and functional morphology utilizing geometric morphometrics to identify diagnostic characters of undescribed and/or newly described fish, reptiles and amphibians and assess phenotypic plasticity in an ecological context. Lastly, we strive to contribute to biogeographic and evolutionary ontology and operation and novel metaphysical thinking regarding the existence and appropriate use of species and areas of endemism.

Office: 985-549-5287

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