At Murdock, we know what it takes for a brand to stand out from the crowd, rise above the clutter and be heard above the noise – and this cannot be achieved with a “one-size-fits-all” PR strategy. Success can only be achieved through a tailored and customised public relations and expert-positioning strategy.

Our clients are as unique and as different as their personalities and their fields of expertise, and so should their public relations and communications strategies.

While the strategies may differ, every PR project is centred around the same primary objectives:

- to clarify and strengthen the client’s thought-leadership brand,

- ensure alignment between their business goals and their brand and

- get their voice heard by the right people that will act on their expertise and further engage with them.

We also partner with our clients in the implementation of their public relations strategy to ensure that it initiates a call to action and delivers the intended results.

Through our integrated and complementary media relations services we secure effective media coverage for our clients and raise their brand awareness by sharing their stories and expertise on the right platforms, with the right contacts and to the right audience.

Some of the digital PR strategies we implement in increasing our client’s online credibility and visibility include evolving their websites, launching expert blogs, improving their search engine optimisation, fine-tuning their social networks, comprehensive social media strategy, email news-letters, pay-per click advertising, as well as sharing their knowledge and expertise through online newswires and appropriate digital news platforms.


We help position our clients as market leaders through article placements in magazines, business publications, newspapers and industry publications. We place their articles in the right publications to boost their brand recognition and ensure that their articles are seen by the right people who will act on their expertise and seek to further engage with them.

We are not a speaker bureau or speaker booking agency, however as part of our expert-positioning PR strategy, we will identify the impactful non-paid platforms that allow our clients to share their expertise and directly engage with the right audience - either by delivering keynote talks, facilitating sessions, training.

A key part of our PR strategy is to secure meaningful coverage for our clients through interviews on radio, print media and television. We increase their media presence of our clients by liaising with journalists to get our clients quoted as experts in articles, and also engaging with our radio and television contacts to have our clients featured on radio and television as leading experts.

Writing and launching your business book is an important aspect of your positioning as an industry expert and thought leader. 

Your book is not only a powerful marketing tool but is an important extension of your brand as an expert authority in your field. Through our strategic PR services, we help our clients launch their books and also maximise the marketing mileage from their books.