I'm an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Middlebury College. My research interests are in the areas of macroeconomics, experimental economics, and labor economics. I teach classes in introductory and advanced macroeconomics,  international finance, and money and banking.


Warner Hall 306

Middlebury College

Middlebury, VT


dmunro 'at' middlebury.edu

Office Hrs F-2023: M 12:15-1:45 and W 10:30-12pm


Working Papers:

"Inflation and Attention Thresholds," with Oleg Korenok and Jiayi Chen. (revisions requested, Review of Economics and Statistics)- [View] (Coverage: Marginal Revolution, Esprits Animaux, Economist, Financial Times, Money and Banking Blog, Bank of Canada)

"How Does the Dramatic Rise of CPS Non-Response Impact Labor Market Indicators," with Robert Bernhardt (Midd '19.5) and Erin Wolcott. (revisions requested, Journal of Applied Econometrics) - [View]

"A New Claims-Based Unemployment Dataset: Application to Postwar Recoveries Across U.S. States," with Andrew Fieldhouse, Sean Howard, and Christoffer Koch. - [View]

"Do Losses Trigger Deliberative Reasoning?" with Jeff Carpenter. -[View]

"The Company You Keep: Foreign investors, risk taking, and international contagion," with Jae Hoon Choi. -[View]


"Market Concentration and the Responsiveness of Prices and Mark-ups," with Curtis Kephart. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 104 (2023): 102007  - [View]

"Market Liquidity and Excess Volatility: Theory and Experiment," with Jae Hoon Choi. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 139 (2022): 104442. -  [View] 

"Wage bargaining in a matching market: experimental evidence," with Oleg Korenok, (2021). Labour Economics 73, 102078  [View]

"Consumer Behavior and Firm Volatility" (2021), Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 53 (4), 845-873. [View

"Preferences for Efficiency and Redistribution: An Experiment Using Charitable Donations," with Jake Guth (Midd '19), (2020). Economics Bulletin 40 (3), 2217-2226 [View

"Experience, Skill Composition, and the Persistence of Unemployment Fluctuations," with Aspen Gorry and Christian vom Lehn, (2020).  Labour Economics 63, 101793. [View]

"Dynamic Runs and Circuit Breakers: An Experiment," with Jacopo Magnani (2020), Experimental Economics 23, 127-153.  [View] 

"Combinatorial Clock Auctions: Price Direction and Performance," with Stephen Rassenti (2019), Games and Economic Behavior 117, 195-217. [View

"An Experiment on a Core Controversy," with Huibin Yan and Daniel Friedman, (2016) Games and Economic Behavior  96, 132-144.  [link]

"Combinatorial Auctions," with David Porter and Stephen Rassenti, in Thomas, Christopher R. and Shugart, William F. , (2013), The Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics, Oxford University Press [View]

Non-Econ Research:

"Are there lane advantages in track and field?" (2022), PLOS ONE 17(8): e0271670. [View] [Replication Package]

Resting Papers:

"Unemployment Composition and Aggregate Dynamics," (2018) [View