News & Updates:

January 2017 - 2017 Training logs are now available

October 2015 USAT National magazine publishes article about Doug's cancer fight (link): 

August 2015 - Doug honored at USA National champs as official starter. Speech link here.

June 2015 - Doug fights 2nd brain tumor, this time stage 4, updates at

May 2015 - Vasa-Swim-Ergometer page added

Dec 2014 - Doug fights stage-3 brain tumor , winds down coaching sideline. This site remains for info' etc.

Oct' 2014 - Doug's revolutionary race-day long-course triathlon nutrition evaluation tool is now available

Gal Harel wins Bricktown Triathlon overall with 5:30/ml run, Megan Tompkins makes Team-USA Worlds 2015

Congrats to Michael Villane & Steve Cozine on Qualifying for Kona at IMMT & IMLP

Di2 hacking page updated        June 2014  Ismael Alsina PRs 13.1 by 20 mins.

May 2014 Max Zevin and Karl O'Reilly 2nd Overall @ Monticelloman and Redbank Olympic Dist' respectively.

May 2014 James Chesson asked to target 242W @ Ironman Texas, rides 243W, goes 8:37. Not a typo.

April 2014 - Ironman bike pacing power strategy and Wahoo Kickr page updates

Hawaii Ironman 2009 Age Group Champion and USAT & USA-Cycling Certified Coach Doug Clark is like most athletes, he has a very busy life and wants to maximize his athletic potential in the minimum time possible. 

In 17 consecutive full triathlon seasons Doug completed over 140 triathlons, with 46 overall wins, 7 consecutive AG National Champion Titles, and zero DNFs. In 2014 at 45 he still recorded PR times until his brain-tumor diagnosis. 

This streak was down to careful management of a program designed to minimize injury-risk and maximize performance. The things that have most impact on our key races are not the details of specific workouts, but whether we arrive at the start line healthy, while ready to cater for every scenario the race throws at us.

Doug's Google-docs-based Training-Log and Year-Planner has several new features. 

The triathlon logs and coach's tools have been moved to:

This format proved popular in 2014, the 2015 version has many enhancements and optimizations. The tool is designed to be extremely low-maintenance, and includes an innovative performance analysis tool, an intuitive shoe-wear tracker, and an automatic periodization-plan generator, integrated with the year-planner.

The logs can also easily be accessed from an iPhone or Android-based phone (see pic) or any modern browser.

Doug's coaching was with only a small handful of athletes, so as to be able to meet both their needs and his own. This site serves only as a contact point and also a place to share a few thoughts and tips.His coaching extends way beyond simply developing highly-personalized flexible athlete-specific training plans. His

insight, experience, and scientific background enable him to add value to athletes in a multitude of ways on top of providing a tailored workout program, such as understanding, embracing and exploiting the wealth of technology available to athletes today. However his frequent evaluation of athlete feedback, and reactive short-term scheduling and plan updates (to weather, business, fatigue, opportunities, travel etc) provides a level of service almost impossible to find at any price.

Click here for more info, or here to request a personalized log be sent to you.

Several features have been added specifically for coaches, in order to manage and collaborate efficiently with clients. Daily summary emails, warning emails, and a client manager page are just some of the features, with more features coming.

The website also features a revolutionary long-course triathlon nutrition evaluation tool.

The graphs below (click to enlarge) show examples from an assortment of analysis pages for some of Doug's training rides. It's not worth having Power Meters, Heart Rate Monitors, Computrainers, Kickrs and the like if you cannot exploit the wealth of data they make available. Doug can help you to do this, either by showing you how to configure and fully utilize such tools or making interpretations and suggestions based upon your data.

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