Bourbon Barrel w/ Copper Top

Full size "Carefree Bourbon" barrel, with 5 mil flame painted copper top, all coated. Can be with caster wheels or without. Top diameter is 34" x 1.5" high. Barrel is 35" high w/o casters and 26" in diameter at widest point.

"Push Me Daddy"

Kokopellie on Bike Training Wheels 9" x 14" 24 Gauge Steel- Free Standing

Small Barrel Side Table

Flame Painted copper top, 15" Diam., 24" High

Flame Painted Copper

5 Mil Copper, flame patina and coated. For Table tops, bar tops, etc.

Steel Wall Mounts

Kokopellie Dancing and Coyote on Rock - Hand cut from 11 gauge cold roll steel, polished and coated

Kokopellie Bike Fails

Steel, 24 Gauge, coated each 18" x 9"

"Kokopellie Golf Lesson"

18" x 5" Steel, 24 Gauge, Coated and Free standing


20" x 6" Steel Kokopellie meets Saguaro Cactus Desert Biking

Saguaro Bones in Rock Tableau

Steel Rod and Rock, 20" x 10"

"Warrior Chest Plate"

Aluminum/Brass/Copper Wall Sculpture - 44" x 33" x 12.5"

"Twins - Sagurao Bones"

Coated Steel in granite - 18" x 8"

Agava Family

Golden Agava on Rock, Coated

Kokopelli Dancing on Rock

Golden Ocotillo, 24 Gauge Steel

Coyote on Rock, 24 Gauge Steel, coated

Coyote on Rock, 11 Gauge steel, coated

Steel Sculpture multi-holder w/succulents, coated

Steel Sculpture, Single holder, coated

Steel Sculpture multi-holder w/succulents, coated

Gamble Quail, 24 Gauge Steel, coated

Steel Name Sign, Hand Plasma Gouged, Powder Coat filled, coated

Steel Name Plate, Copper Inlay, Coated