The Muhlenberg Botanical Society meets on the 3rd Thursday at 7pm in the Spring from February to May and in the Fall from September to November at the North Museum of Science and Natural History in Lancaster PA.  Please enter via the front door.  A museum representative will be on duty.

Winter & Spring 2019 Meetings

February 21 (Thursday) 7pm

Dale Hendricks: "John Hershey, Friend of the Trees"

Dale Hendricks has been growing and propagating plants professionally since 1975. In 1988 he co-founded North Creek Nurseries in order to propagate and grow primarily native perennials and grasses. In 2009 he founded Green Light Plants with the goal of helping people build carbon friendly regenerative landscapes and grow native, woodland, and permaculture plants organically.

John Hershey was a devout Quaker who had a vision of farms that protected soils and water by growing specific trees, shrubs, vines, birds and berries. From 1923 to 1967 he grew and selected superior and improved trees for higher nutritive value and long season productivity to benefit both humans and animals. When he died, his Downingtown farms and nursery were unfortunately developed. Dale and others are working to preserve and propagate the many remaining trees because of their improved genetics.

March 21 (Thursday) 7pm

Kevin Faccenda: "Current Research at Millersville University's James C. Parks Herbarium"

A junior at Millersville ,University, Kevin is majoring in biology with a concentration in botany. He is the recipient of the Catherine Keever and the Biology faculty grants for undergraduate studies.  Kevin works in the Herbarium with Dr. Chris Hardy. In 2018 he was awarded a Research Experiences for Undergraduates grant from the National Science Foundation and spent 10 weeks at Eastern Kentucky University studying the effects of Japanese Stilt Grass on herbaceous plant diversity as it invades an old growth forest in Eastern Kentucky.

Kevin will address the value of the Millersville Herbarium for ecological studies and his collaboration with Dr. Christopher Hardy to modernize the herbarium and make specimens accessible to the public through the Herbarium’s website. He will also talk about current research to identify plants in the Herbarium which have not been previously reported as growing in Lancaster County.

April 18 (Thursday) 7pm

Dr. Larry Klotz: "A Botanist’s Introduction to Southeastern China: 19th International Botanical Congress, July 2017"

Larry Klotz is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Biology at Shippensburg University, where he was a faculty member from 1978 to January 2009. He taught a variety of botanical courses plus sections of general biology for majors and non-majors. His research interests have included floristic inventories, searching for state-listed plants, quantitative descriptions of seasonal pond vegetation, and morphological comparisons between the two species of shooting stars in Pennsylvania.

Larry will talk about his trip to the 2017 Botanical Congress in China, reporting on local excursions, the “Flora of China” project, and extended field trips to National Nature Reserves, especially in Yunnan Province. He will include comparisons between the observed flora in these reserves and those in eastern North America, as well as geologic features and historical sites.

May 16 (Thursday) 7pm

Member’s Night and Plant Exchange

Bring slides on a flashdrive or photos to share, as well as copies of old magazines, and, of course, plants to exchange. Although the focus is on native plants, others are welcome. New members are always encouraged to help themselves, whether or not they have brought any plants. Remember that we need to keep the Kinsey Room neat and tidy so we will be welcome in the future, so make sure they are properly potted.