2023-24 Winter Availability Sheet 2

Here is a new sheet with open positions for certain meets, and a few added meets. Please click and submit if you can help with any of these dates. Deadline is 11/30/23. Thanks!


Membership Meeting - Wednesday, 11/29/23, 7:00pm

St. John's Prep, Danvers, MA

Umpiring clinic, rules review and discussion and long jump review. 


Everything about MFTOA, right under your cursor. We provide top quality officiating for the sports of track and field, cross country and road racing. We work closely with colleges and high schools, as well as USA Track & Field New England, to organize, judge and score meets and races. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. 


Rules updates

Two rules revisions involving the competitor’s uniform, along with procedural changes in several field events designed to reduce the risk of injury, highlight rules changes in high school track and field and cross country for the 2022 season.

Updates on concussions

While concussions and suspected head injuries occur only occasionally in track and field, they do happen. Although MIAA rules do not specifically indicate a role for officials, they should continue the best practice of ensuring that the event is stopped if an athlete is suspected of suffering a head injury and should facilitate the call for and access for medical personnel. For more information, updates on rules and resources, please see Concussions.