Melbourne Branch Dojo

The Meifu Shinkage Ryū Melbourne Branch Dojo is authorised by Sōke Ōtsuka from the Hombu Dōjō in Japan. Weekly training sessions are held in Melbourne's inner east. If you have any interest in the group please contact us.

During training sessions live bō shuriken (stick type / spikes) are thrown at rubber mat targets. Safety practice weapons are also used for kata and application technique practice, including styro foam ball / plastic bō shuriken, and plastic chain / foam fundō kusari. Note that star shuriken are prohibited and strictly not allowed.

Appropriate use of equipment as well as clear safety policies provide for a safe and enjoyable training environment. Due to the nature of the training, it is preferred that local dojo members are at least 21 years old. 18-20 year olds will be considered under certain circumstances.

Bō shurikenjutsu can be likened to archery without a bow, using much smaller arrows. Another way of thinking of it is a heavier version of pub darts, with a martial arts heritage. It is a target practice based activity that can be enjoyed in a group or performed alone.

Melbourne Branch Dojo members are required to abide by Victorian law regarding the possession and legal use of weapons. Although the equipment used for training is not prohibited (therefore not requiring a permit or license), there are still requirements that need to be met. Members are educated about these requirements upon the commencement of training and directed to information taken directly from the Victorian Police website.