Share your Data with PROMISE!

Post date: Mar 4, 2011 6:54:44 AM

While the PC is making its final decisions for the author notification tomorrow, we would like to announce a partnership between MSR and PROMISE:

This year, MSR has teamed with the PROMISE conference to manage storage of data from MSR 2011 papers. If you are able to so, we strongly encourage you to submit the data associated with your accepted paper to the PROMISE repository of reproducible SE experiments.

By storing your data in a publicly accessible location, your papers will get cited more (since they will be the origin of a line of research based around your data).

Also, by interacting with other researchers using your data, you may discover ways to enhance your analysis method (perhaps resulting in more publications, or novel grant opportunities, in the future).

For information on how to donate data to PROMISE, see "How to donate data" at